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Body Beast / Focus T25 HYBRID Schedule!

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Body Beast / Focus T25 HYBRID Schedule!

After having done pretty much all of Body Beast and Focus T25: Alpha (and previewing each of the Beta workouts) I have made a hybrid schedule!  

What exactly is a hybrid?  It is my personal attempt at creating a daily schedule to do BOTH programs while avoiding over-training/injury and still gaining the biggest benefits from each.

If you are choosing to do a Body Beast and Focus T25 hybrid - then you are choosing to do a cardio resistance program.  If you want just cardio (losing weight) stick to the Focus T25 schedule as it comes in the box.


It works out best for me to do BOTH workouts in the morning (before my hubby/daughter are awake) and because I prefer getting it done before my day starts rather than when I am tired in the evening.  I do better lifting before my cardio - thus, Body Beast first and Focus T25 after.

You could split the workouts up (if there are two in a day) and do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon/evening.  I created the following:

Body Beast Bulk Week + Focus T25 Alpha


I recommend doing the Beta phase for 4 weeks.

Body Beast Build Week + Focus T25 Beta

Body Beast Bulk Week + Focus T25 Beta


*Since Gamma incorporates/focuses on weight liting, I recommend doing the workouts at separate times of the day.  If you do it back to back, you will find that you may not have the strength in your arms to give it 100 percent.

I also recommend that you substitute a Gamma workout for an Alpha or Beta cardio workout if your arms are tired.*

Body Beast Build Week + Focus T25 Gamma

Body Beast Bulk Week + Focus T25 Gamma 

* If you are short on time and/or feeling like you need a quicker resistance/lifting session do Body Beast: Lucky 7 or Total Body.  Keep in mind - these are TOTAL BODY resistance training workouts.

* If you want an extra cardio session do T25: Core Speed and for an extra ab workout do T25: Ab Intervals or Dynamic Core.  The core can be trained every other day but Shaun T has a tendency to work the core in EVERY workout.  If you want a really quick (but less effective) ab workout do Beast: Abs.

A healthy lifestyle requires cardio and resistance training.  I hope this helps!


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