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Focus T25 Workout From Beachbody Review

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Focus T25 Workout Review – My Honest T25 Review

I’ve just been through the Focus T25 Workout by Shaun T, so if you’re looking for an honest T25 review then read on for my thoughts on whether this workout may be a good fit for you.


Focus T25 Review Contents:
  • Overview of the Focus T25 Workout
    -Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cycles
  • Overview of Focus T25

    Focus T25 is the latest Beachbody workout from Shaun T, creator of the hugely popular Insanity workout. The tag line for this workout is that you can get in the best shape of your life in just 25 minutes a day.


    It may not seem like 25 minutes a day is enough time to really transform your body, but many scientific studies have found that half an hour of exercise a day can burn fat just as effectively as an hour, so long as it’s intense. Focus is the key word – the workouts focus on specific muscles to give you an intense workout without spending hours in the gym.

    You can supposedly get the same results that you might from an hour-long program because of how the workouts are designed with efficiency and variation in mind.

    Have you tried Insanity before or just heard about how tough it is? Focus T25 is designed to start at a lower level and progressively build up, which is fantastic if you are new. There are also workout modifications made by a woman called Tania (who had an amazing post-pregnancy transformation with Focus T25), so if you are struggling then you can follow these modifications to avoid any chance of injury.

    So Focus T25 really will work for many types of people – if you lead a busy lifestyle, the short time frames are a godsend. If you are brand new, it starts off at a good pace and you can try the modifications. If you are experienced, it builds up to your level quickly and the workouts are always intense.

    You do have to put in the effort though, so if you can’t take the heat, then it’s not for you! Shaun T always knows how to motivate you to build up a sweat and get results.

    What are the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cycles?

    The T25 workout is broken down into 2 months, each with its own cycle that builds upon the previous one.

    Month 1 is known as the Alpha cycle, month 2 is the Beta cycle. The Gamma cycle is an optional extra you can buy for a further fitness boost once you’ve completed both Alpha and Beta. You get 3 new exercises in the Gamma cycle and it’s a great option to further your workout when you’ve finished the basic round of Focus T25.

    Here’s how it works in a typical week:

    Starting on a Monday, you’ll do 25 minutes of working out each day, along with an extra 3 minutes or so for stretching and cooling down afterwards.

    On Friday, the 5th day, you will do double the exercises (two videos back to back), so this will take just under an hour. If you can’t handle this intensity, then just try your best or leave it out. It should really help boost your results if you can manage it though.

    Saturday is your day to rest and reflect. Record your stats for the week and see how you’ve progressed.

    On Sunday you will do some stretch videos, and move onto week 2.

    What’s Included in Focus T25?

    The Focus T25 Base Kit comes with everything you need to burn fat and build muscle quickly:

    9 DVDs: The intense workouts also come with an on-screen timer, as well as low-impact modifiers.


    Quick-Start Guide: This simple guide will have you working out in no time, and will help you get the maximum results.

    Get It Done Nutrition Guide: This nutrition guide makes eating healthy simple with simple-to-prepare meals for every day.

    Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars: Stay on track—and skip the guesswork—with these calendars.

    If you order from the official Beachbody site, you will also get the following BONUS items:

    Stretch Workout: Work out for five days, and stretch on day six.

    5-Day Fast Track: Over 5 days, this meal plan will jumpstart your weight loss.

    B-Lines® 15-pound Resistance Band: Use this professional-grade resistance band with your workouts to build muscle and burn fat baster.

    Online Support: Fitness professionals and discussion boards are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep you motivated throughout the program.

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