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TRAIL FORUM :: General Discussion :: Turbo Diesel or Petrol?

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X-Trail 4x4 xtrail Niss 4wd

TRAIL FORUM :: General Discussion :: Turbo Diesel or Petrol?

TRAIL FORUM :: General Discussion :: Turbo Diesel or Petrol?


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Location: Victoria Park, WA, AU


Turbo Diesel or Petrol?

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the correct section, if not please can it be moved

My wife and I have been looking at getting an compact 4wd for the last few months, and have driven all the competitors, and have finally decided now that the exy is the one.

In fact, I believe I was one of the first on here to take one of the tdi's for a spin, back in July

Went down the dealers this morning to drive the manual tdi again, and also to take the petrol one for a spin for a compare. Both engines/cars were great, in fact we were suprised by the petrol, as it was much nicer than any of the other [sign in to see URL] engined cars we've driven, like say the Forrester.

Of course the tdi was more powerful and probably nicer slightly to drive with all that torque, but was noiser considerably over the petrol version. The petrol was a lovely car to drive as well though, as you all know. TL misses out on rear parking sensors, while the TI doesn't have an alarm or steering wheel radio controls

Nissan have now decided to drop all the onroads (except dealer dev) for the petrol versions. This means that the TI, with all the options and accessories we want is $41,500, without any discounts. The tdi TL drive away with the same options/accessories is $45,500, a premium of $4,000 over the TI. These prices are without any haggle, they are pretty much rrp... Apparently there is "room to move" on those prices I have been told...

My question to you guys would be, would you go the diesel? We are unlikely to recoop the difference for a long time with the reduced fuel usage of the diesel, but resale will be better when we decide to sell, in about 5 years time or so....

Also, I'd think servicing will be more expensive on the tdi.

Cheers guys, like to hear what people think. Can't wait to get my X-trail, whether it's a petrol or diesel



Chris (X-918)
2008 TL Manual Precision Grey
Nudge Bar, Roof Bars, Tow Bar, Parking Sensors, Cargo Tray, Rubber Mats, Tint, Paint Protection, Rust Protection, Leather Protection, and a scratch from some w**ker in the IKEA car park..

23/Aug/2008, 7:11 pm



Date Registered: 02-2004


Re: Turbo Diesel or Petrol?

Hi Chris,

It all depends how and where you gonna use your T31 exy.

At the end of the day, it will come down to what you are looking for in the future car you gonna own.

The views here might favour one or the other due to a simple fact that both petrol and diesel T31s are excellent depending on where and how they're used and also how they're driven.

Think of the long term benefits of each and take it from there.

P.S. I am acting "Switzerland" in this case because I don't want to upset anyone and also because I don't drive the T31, but I have test-driven both vehicles and formed a "personal opinion" and I also shared my test drive experience with you guys to help a bit.


23/Aug/2008, 7:53 pm




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