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Jacobs Overhaul

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Overhaul Jacobs

Jacobs Overhaul

Jacobs R755-A2/B2

R755-A2 (300HP) - Exchange - $29,950.00

Outright - $36,950.00

R755-B2 (275 HP) - Exchange - $29,950.00

Outright - $35,950.00

Crating charge refundable upon return of exchange engine.

All engines include chrome dress up, ignition system, carburetor, chrome cylinders and the following new parts: master rod, cam, accessory gears, valves, rocker arms, pistons, link rods, main bearings, piston pins, K pins, cam followers, and VALVE ROTATORS. Exchange engine must be of like model with servicable crank, crankcase, heavy cylinders and accessories.

All Jacobs engines from Air Repair, Inc. now come standard with newly certified Service Bulletins 66 thru 80.

All engines are 1400 hour TBO.

Steel exhaust seats, improved pistons, improved oil control rings, valve stem seals, modern gaskets, balanced crankshaft, internal performance coatings, and improved spark plugs.


All engines warranted for 1 year or 100 hours.

Click here to read warranty.



Schedule of core charges:
Crankshaft rejected $1,500.00 
Crankshaft plating $350.00 per location

Nose Case rejected or magnesium $500.00

Cylinders rejected or wrong revision $250.00

Magneto/Distributor rejected or missing $150.00

Carburetor rejected or missing $150.00

Crate Charge on outright and one-way shipments $500.00

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