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Vulcan Air

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Design Features and Information

The A-Viator is powered by two Rolls-Royce 250 B17 C engines flat-rated at 328 SHP at 2030 rpm. The engines drive Hartzell three-blade, constant speed, fully feathering, reversible pitch propellers.

The excellent engine characteristics allow the aircraft to deliver:

superior performance relative to piston aircraft

excellent weight/power ratio

fuel economy

low emissions, low noise

reverse thrust

high TBO


The excellent performance and economics of the A-Viator can be summarized as follows:

low operating costs (low drag and low fuel consumption)

operation from short, unprepared airstrips

twin engine safety and reliability

ease of maintenance

excellent payload

low noise levels

outstanding versatility

full IFR capability

Rough Field Performance

A rugged landing gear, coupled with the wide wheel-base and the wing mounted engines that provide substantial ground clearance, allows the A-Viator to operate safely from short and unprepared strips. This capability is essential to operators who must fly into remote and seldom used airfields.


The A-Viator family has been designed and developed for a long service life and to minimize maintenance requirements.

Total maintenance costs are very low thanks to:

simple rugged structure

high prop tip clearance that considerably reduces foreign object damage

easily accessible service points

Dependability and ease of maintenance enable the A-Viator to be operated in remote areas for long periods of time.


The A-Viator's clean aerodynamics and and excellent weight/power ratio. This economic efficiency gives the A-Viator’s operators a substantial profit margin, unattainable by other turbine aircraft generally utilised for the same missions.

Customer Support

Vulcanair assures comprehensive worldwide product support, both directly and through its dealer network. Maintenance, overhaul and repair operations can be carried out at the Vulcanair Service Centre or at authorized centres worldwide.

For thorough instruction of pilots and ground crew, a modern training program is offered at the Vulcanair Training Centre. Efficient and prompt technical assistance is assured by Vulcanair technical representatives for AOG and other emergencies. The 250 B17 C engines are serviced worldwide by the large network of Rolls-Royce representatives and by their numerous authorized maintenance centres.

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