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Samson Motorworks Switchblade : 2009

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Samson Motorworks Switchblade

Samson Motorworks has decided to push the Switchblade forward as their first offering, and they have put some design hours into the vehicle to improve things.

samson switchblade 1 09

2009 Samson Motorworks Switchblade.

The biggest problem seen was potential damage to the wings while driving on the ground. Rocks could be kicked up by the front wheel, grime from the pavement would most likely coat the wing which could affect flying qualities, and too fast over a speed bump and you could be minus some wings. To handle this, Samson Motorworks came up with a lightweight clamshell case as the bottom of the vehicle. The wings swing closed, opening the clamshell, which closes over the wing to protect it from grime and rocks. A metal center keel was added, and dropped below the clamshell to take the brunt of bottoming out on a speed bump. The weight gain was about 30 lb, which they felt was acceptable given the advantages gained.

The Switchblade™ will be the FAA certified flying version of Samson Motorworks' MMV vehicle, The SkyBike™. Factory-built, tested, and ready to fly, drive, or simply look good, this will be the deluxe Multi Mode Vehicle.

Upgraded avionics give the Switchblade™ advanced flight capabilities. Leather interior and wood trimmed dash provide a step up in appointments. The Switchblade™ may be used for corporate flight, rental purposes, or as a taxi service or flying limo. Options include autopilot, XM radio and weather, heated windshield, and secured floor mats. Possibilities include bullet resistant construction. The ultimate go-anywhere vehicle? Say hello to the Switchblade™.

Preliminary Specifications:
Estimated MGTOW = 1360 LB (Maximum Gross Take-off Weight)
LENGTH = 15’- 6”
WIDTH = 6’- 4”
HEIGHT = 4’-1”
MAXIMUM SPEED = 95 mph on wheels, 140 mph flying
RANGE = 500 miles ground, 220 miles air
MPG = Estimated 48 mpg ground, 22 mpg air
WINGSPAN = 19’ – 5” main, 6’- 4” canard
ENGINE = 120 hp Freedom Motor twin rotor
ESTIMATED TBO = 2500 hours (Time Between Major Overhauls)
FUEL = regular unleaded automobile gasoline (any fuel capable)
FUEL CAPACITY = 10.1 gallons including reserve
STALL SPEED = 55 mph

Standard Features.
Driver adjustable seat, continuously variable transmission (cvt) with forward, neutral, reverse, and flight mode, leather interior, lexan front windshield and side windows, heating & air conditioning, stereo cd, California ULEV rating, seat belt / safety harness, front and rear disc brakes, video rear view monitor, glass cockpit, automatic vehicle leaning in turns, extendable wings, dual ground/air lighting system, lightning protection, redundant ignition system, redundant battery system, Navigation radio, ELT (emergency location transmitter), back-up air speed, altimeter and attitude, ballistic chute recovery system.

(source: Samson Motorworks)

samson switchblade 2 09

2009 Samson Motorworks Switchblade.

samson switchblade 4 09

2009 Samson Motorworks Switchblade.

samson switchblade 3 09

2009 Samson Motorworks Switchblade.

samson motorworks logo 1

Samson Motorworks logo.

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