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Republic Seabee Engine Conversions

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Engine Convers Republic Seabee

Robinson V8 Engine Conversions


Robinson V8 Engine Conversion

Republic Seabee Engine Conversions


Mr. Brian Robinson
Eric B. Robinson Ltd.
12 Hardwood Street, RR#3 
Kirkfield, Ontario KDM 2B0

Tel: 715-340-2408

The Robinson engine conversion is the newest on the market, and has stirred a huge interest among Seabee owners.  Developed by Canadian Brian Robinson, the conversion utilize a Corvette V8 automobile engine mated to a cast aluminum reduction drive designed specifically for the Seabee..  To date the Robinson's have developed & flown the 320 hp LS1 version & the 350 hp LS6 version.  Late 2005 the new 350 hp LS2  and 400 hp LS7 versions were installed in the first Seabees.

The conversions have been successfully flown using both standard Seabee 2 and 3 blade propellers and modern 4 blade MT propellers.  Robinson has also developed a system which uses the Hartzell constant speed reversible propeller from a GO-480 powered Seabee.

The engine can use both premium unleaded automotive fuel and 100 LL aviation fuel.

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Lake Tahoe Special
18 June 2006

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