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Turbocharger by turbo model (type) TB4134

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Turbo TB4134 turbocharger oem

Turbocharger model (type) TB4134 Garrett TB4134 Turbochargers

Turbocharger model (type) TB4134. Turbo manufactured by Garrett. Turbochargers TB4134 suitable for vehicles of brands BENTLEY. Part numbers (codes) of this turbo is 465117-0001.

TB4134 turbocharger database

In our database, we use original turbocharger part numbers. It means turbocharger manufacturer Part numbers. Turbocharger manufacturers such as Garrett, BorgWarner, Schwitzer (now is BorgWarner), Mitsubishi, Holset, Toyota, IHI Turbo.

The database does not contain a numbers (codes) of remanufactured, aftermarket turbochargers and modified Part numbers. We working only with turbocharger manufacturer original part numbers.

Garrett turbo correct Part number (code) Garrett turbocharger PART NUMBER

Garrett turbo Part number example: 708639-0006 or 454135-0002. You can look for Garret turbocharger by first 6 digits. Garrett turbo modified, remanufactured turbochargers or aftermarket Turbo Part number example: 708639-5010S or 454135-9012S. Garrett turbo short Part numbers: 708639-6, 454135-2, 806709-31. We are not using short numbers in our database. 708639-6 must be converted to 708639-0006, 806709-31 must be 806709-0031 and 454135-2 equivalents to 454135-0002. Only full numbers like 'NNNNNN-NNNN' are present in database.

BorgWarner turbo correct Part number (code) BorgWarner turbocharger PART NUMBER

BorgWarner turbo Part number example: 5303-970-0364 or 5303-970-0436. Only 'NNNN-970-NNNN' schema must be used. BorgWarner turbo modified, remanufactured turbochargers or aftermarket turbo Part numbers: 5303-988-0364, 5303-971-0436, 53039880364, 53039710364 and 53039700364. No NNNN-988-NNNN, NNNN988NNNN, NNNN-971-NNNN, NNNN970NNNN or other turbo numbers are used in database. Part numbers like 5303-988-0364 or 53039880364 etc... can be converted to normal 5303-970-0364 Part no.

Mitsubishi or MHI turbo Part number (code) Mitsubishi turbocharger PART NUMBER

A Mitsubishi or MHI part number consists of a 5 digit prefix, followed by a dash and an additional 5 digits. For example 49177-02510; 49173-06501; 49135-05620. Using our search engine enter 10 digit part number and then choose your turbocharger from the list given.

Schwitzer turbo Part number (code) Schwitzer turbocharger PART NUMBER

Everything is easy if you have SCHWITZER turbocharger. Just find 6 digit Part number and hit it in the search box.
Currently, Schwitzer, 3K, KKK and Borg Warner - is one merged company, known as BorgWarner Turbo Systems.

IHI turbo Part number (code) IHI turbocharger PART NUMBER

If you have IHI turbocharger you need to find SPEC number consisting of two uppercase letters and two digits. For example: VJ32; VA81; VJ27; VL25. In rare occasions it could be letters only: VIBG; VIEZ

Toyota turbo Part number (code) Toyota turbocharger PART NUMBER

To idenfity your TOYOTA turbocharger you need to find 10 digit number splitted by a dash. Usually it is pressed on compressor housing (alliuminium part of turbocharger) sometimes you may find it sticked to actuator (picture above).

Free Turbocharger database and catalog.

Our database with detailed measurements of the parts along with the turbocharger numbers and news are available for all for free.

Using our online catalogue, you can find high quality parts for your turbocharger, provided with dimensions and pictures to be exact. It is constantly updated and is now capable to recognize more than 12000 turbocharger numbers and detail more than 1200 turbo parts.

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