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Cessna 182 Skylane Performance Specifications & Specs

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Cessna 182 Skylane Specifications (Specs)
& Performance Information...

Important Cessna 182 Performance Specs You Need To Know Before You Buy This Cessna Classic...

One of the most popular single engine airplanes that you can buy is the Cessna 182! It is a great airplane that has been around since 1956 & is loved by a lot of pilots. With around 20 different versions of this airplane - you should be able to find one you like.

But the biggest question most people have about the Cessna 182 is - what is the performance specs on this bird?

I want to break down some of the important performance specs for you so you can figure out if this airplane is right for you! With somewhere around 23,000 produced - there is a lot to choose from...

Performance Specification EVERY PILOT Should Know About
The Cessna 182...

You Should Like The Speed (Here's Why)

That really is the bottom line for most people who are looking at this great airplane. Sure you want all the other things to be in place, but if your looking at the 182 then your probably not looking for a flying boat anchor. You want to go fast...

Make sure you always verify the specs of this aircraft with the pilot operating handbook or aircraft manual before you sign on the dotted line and buy one. When talking about cruise speeds you have have variables like wind, weight, altitude & other factors to consider.

I'm going to give you some "ball park" estimates to work with, but before you buy any airplane make sure you really go over the manufactures specs. (I know it sounds boring - but it will be worth the 10 minutes it takes!)

I want to give you a couple of examples to better help you with understanding the speed. The Cessna 182 Skylane (A through D) is going cruise at about 138 to 140 knots (roughly). That is not bad considering it has 230 horsepower.

The other version I want to talk about is the Cessna 182 Turbo Retractible... It will cruise at about 170 to 175 knots with a 235 horsepower engine. Now, that is crazy good for a 4 place aircraft. This 182 model will compete with some of the smaller twin engine airplanes as far as cruise speed goes.

The Carrying Capacity Is Great (But Pay Attention To This One Issue)

Next to speed, you are going to want to make sure the airplane you are going to buy is actually going to give you the carrying capacity that you want. You don't want to get an airplane that can only carry 120 pounds after factoring in a full tank of gas. --- But then again, it might give you motivation to lose some weight if you have been struggling in that area! (-:

All joking aside, your going to have a useable weight capacity with the 182 (A through D) of about 1,090 pounds (roughly). If you fill it full with 55 gallons of fuel your going to be left with about 760 pounds of usable weight. (I giving fuel a weight of 6 pounds per gallon).

So you are going to have A LOT of weight to work with in terms of bringing passengers & luggage (golf clubs or golf clubs)!

As far as the 182 RG Turbo goes, you are going to have about 1,254 pounds to work with before filling it up. After filling it up with 92 gallons, you are going to have about 700 pounds to work with in terms of luggage and passengers.

So why does the non-turbo version only carry 55 gallons & the turbo version carries 92 gallons? Great question! The non-turbo version were looking at has a range of roughly 440 nm where as the turbo version has a range of about 840 nm... (Both numbers are assuming perfect conditions)

Both are great airplanes & have really good performance specifications... It is just a matter of how wide you want to open your wallet! (-: With a late 60's or early 70's model 182 (A - D) your going to want to budget around $55k to $75K+.

With the 182 Turbo RG, your going to want to budget around $90k to $120k +. But you are getting a high performance machine that will go very fast, very high & take you a long ways on a tank of fuel.

Only you can decide if the Turbo version is right for you. I've got a lot of time in both turbo and non-turbo single engine airplanes. I can tell you that from my personal experience, I LOVE flying turbo aircraft. They perform better and you always have the option of going a bit higher to get over the weather and you can also fly higher so you can catch some better tail winds!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 182 Skylane Performance Specifications & Specs

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