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Takeuchi Excavators TB1140 SERIES 2

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Takeuchi Excavators TB1140 SERIES 2

TB1140 SERIES 2 - Unique in its class, the TB1140 SERIES 2 hydraulic excavator provides unmatched versatility and performance for urban construction, underground utilities, and infrastructure projects. Features like the heavy duty pivot boom and large dozer blade with float help make it easier to complete each job and its size is optimized for easy transport. When you consider it also includes a high flow auxiliary primary circuit, independent second auxiliary circuit, a dedicated attachment coupler circuit, boom and arm holding valves and a choice of rubber, steel or road liner track systems, you realize that the TB1140 SERIES 2 is more than just an excavator; it’s also a versatile tool carrier that can be adapted to most any application. The large automotive styled cab features a high capacity climate control system and a deluxe air suspension seat to help keep the operator comfortable while the smooth controls and enhanced hydraulic system results in greater productivity. With its durable and efficient Isuzu engine that is EPA IT4 compliant and the industry leading 2 year/2,000 hour full machine warranty, it is easy to see why Takeuchi is the performance leader on any job.

OPERATING PERFORMANCE   Operating Weight (w 165 lb operator) Cab      
               Rubber Track   34,116 lb (15,475 kg)  
               Steel Track   34,700 lb (15,740 kg)  
Maximum Digging Depth   18 ft 0 in (5,485 mm)  
Maximum Dump Height   20 ft 4 in (6,220 mm)  
Maximum Digging Radius   28 ft 9 in (8,755 mm)  
Maximum Bucket Digging Force   22,188 lb (10,064 kg)  
Maximum Arm Digging Force   12,634 lb (5,730 kg)  
Arm Length   8 ft 5 in (2,750 mm)  
Slew speed   13.8 rpm  
Traction Force   32,753 lb (14,856 kg)  
  ENGINE   Make/Model   Isuzu AM-4JJ1X Turbo-Intercooled  
Tier Rating   EPA Interim Tier 4  
Cylinders/Displacement   4/183 cu in (3.0 L)  
Horsepower Gross (ISO 14396)   103.3 hp (77 kW)  
Rated Engine Speed   2,000 rpm  
Maximum Torque   272 ft-lb @ 1,600 rpm (369.6 Nm)  
Engine Lubrication   18.0 qt (17.0 L)  
Cooling System   19.5 qt (18.5 L)  
Fuel Tank Capacity   61.5 gal (233 L)  
Fuel Consumption (65% of full load)   3.32 gal/hr (12.6 L/hr)  
Electrical System   24 volts / 50 amps  
  UNDERCARRIAGE   Traction Drive Type   Planetary reduction travel motors with automatic shift down  
Parking Brake   Spring applied, hydraulically released, multiple wet friction disk  
Track Roller Type   Permanently sealed, triple flanged rollers  
Track Rollers (per side)   7  
Track Width   Rubber or Road Liner                                 Steel      
20 in (500 mm)                             24 in (600 mm)
Track Ground Contact Length     9 ft 6 in (2,900 mm)  
Ground Pressure (psi)   Rubber                                                    Steel
6.89 psi                                                  7.0 psi
Maximum Travel Speed      
     Low Range   1.9 mph (3.0 km/hr)               1.8 mph (2.8 km/hr)  
     High Range   3.3 mph (5.3 km/hr)               3.1 mph (5.0 km/hr)  
  HYDRAULIC SYSTEM   Pump Type   Twin variable displacement piston pumps with two gear pumps  
Total Hydraulic Flow    75.3 gal/min (285.0 L/min)  
Primary Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow   59.0 gal/min (224.0 L/min)  
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow   14.5 gal/min (55.0 L/min)  
System Operating Pressure   4,977 psi (34,315 k/Pa)  
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity   25.0 gal (95.0 L)  
Hydraulic System Capacity   56.8 gal (215.0 L  
  DIMENSIONS   Max Dig Septh       18 ft 0 in (5,485 mm)  
Max Dump Height       20 ft 4 in 6,220 mm)  
Max Reach Ground Level       28 ft 1 in (8,570 mm)  
Max Vertical Dig Depth       15 ft 2 in (4,620 mm)  
Height       9 ft 3 in (2,815 mm)  
Length (Transport)       25 ft 8 in (7,815 mm)  
Ground Clearance       18.3 in (465 mm)  
Dozer Blade Height       21.6 in (550 mm)  
Independent Boom Seing Angle       Left: 77°   Right: 53°  
Minimum Front Swing Radius (Offset)       7 ft 10 in (2,405 mm)  
Tail Swing Radius       6 ft 9 in 2,065 mm)  
Lift Capacities at 13.1 ft (4.0m) radius          
       Over Front, Blade Down   Over Side         
+6.6 ft (2 m)        11,820 lb (5,361 kg)   9,332 lb (4,233 kg)  
Ground Level        12,353 lb (5,603 kg)   8,563 lb (3,884 kg)  
-6.6 ft (2 m)        12,270 lb (5,566 kg)   8,491 lb (3,851 kg)  

EPA Interim Tier 4 Compliant

Turbocharger with Intercooler

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel system

DPF/DPD Exhaust Aftertreatment

Automatic Fuel Bleed system

High Capacity Fuel Filters

Extended Life Coolant

Large Capacity Radiator

Automatic Pre-Heat Starting Aid

Dual Element Air Cleaner

Automatic Idle

ECO Work Mode

high Elevation Work Mode


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