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Guy Croft Lincoln UK 01522 705222

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LINCOLN 01522 705222 Croft

Thanks Nik


anyone reading this got a turbo idea for the poster of the original thread please?

From what I have read here there are plenty out there that might know, given that selection is often - necessarily - based on successful personal and experience. The fact that the engine in question is 5 cylinders is, frankly, neither here nor there. It's just a 2 liter multivalve and key features in standard trim are 217 bhp at 5750 rpm and 229 lbf ft @2500 rpm so in my view could probably be treated as an Integrale 16v, really in terms of matching. I know it's got variable inlet valve timing but I imagine that won't affect the match to any great degree.

If it was me, I would buy a Mitsubishi Evo turbo unit, make the adapters and see what happens. Fuelling might need a bit of tinkering but unlikely to be a complete disaster!

Thoughts please.


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