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1 FOTO-PAAKS - TABLE of CONTENTS To search: Hold "Ctrl" key then press "F" key. Enter manufacturer or model number in search box. Click your back key to return to the search page. It is highly recommended to read Order Instructions and Information pages prior to selection. Aircraft MFGs beginning with letter Order Instructions and General Information...2 A... 3 B... 9 C...23 D...38 E F G H...68 I J K L M N...90 O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Racing Sailplanes Powered Sailplanes Helicopters Gyrocopters Engines Guns Rockets & Missiles Bombs, Emblems, Misc Aircraft Documentation Services Catalog Number Jean Ln., Norton, OH (330) Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. No reproduction of this document without prior written approval by publisher. 1

2 Foto Paak and Scale 3-View Line Drawings ORDERING INFORMATION Please order by both stock number with Prefix and name of subject. NOTES: 1. To ensure that you get the proper 3-VIEW, make sure you use the PREFIX of KF, SKF, Sa, Sb, W, RA, RF, SCR, Gl, PG, etc.. I do not need the drawing codes following the numbers. Include the name of the item to ensure I pick the proper one. 2. Prices have not changed since 1999, yet processors have increased prices by 50%. All orders are surcharged 30% from the listed price as indicated on order form. Changes to postage has caused adjustments in prices related to shipping. Make your check or money order (U.S. funds) payable to: Phone Orders Call Mon. thru Fri. Afternoons from 7-9 PM are best. Leave a message, if not answered and we will call you back. Manufacturer or Designer Model or most common name North American P-51B MUSTANG - Restored and flying, Painted in colors of Shangri-La. USAF A/C #36913, N51PR. Excellent study of rare aircraft. Instrument gear and cockpit details. (X/**) 435/ views available, see 8½ x11" 3-views Stock number Number of $ Price last pages of catalog available, see below photos in Paak U.S.A. GENERAL INFORMATION Foto-Paaks and 3-view line drawings are listed alphabetically according to MANUFACTURER FOTO-PAAKS (over 8,200 different selections) range in photo count from 1 to 134, 3½" x 5" color pictures depending on subject. For 4x6 pictures add 15 /print (special order). Usually 2 to 8 are walk around shots with the balance of prints concentrating on details (such as instruments, gear, markings, tail wheel, etc.) essential to accurate building and finishing. GUARANTEE If not satisfied, return entire set. I will refund or apply credit toward other items, deducting $5.00 per FOTO-PAAK for restocking. If you have difficulty in making a choice out of the catalog, you may order four (4) photos per page of computer scanned for $10 to get an idea of markings and color. SCALE 3-VIEW LINE DRAWINGS - I have accumulated over 50,000 pages of 3-view line drawings and information from various sources that in many cases correspond to the FOTO-PAAKS listed in catalog. PLEASE NOTE that 3-view line drawings are required for scale documentation presentations in MOST scale competitions. The drawings are usually NOT the specific markings as shown in the Foto Paak section nor is it required in scale judging. - An (X) preceding stock # in catalog refers to 11" x 17" drawings listed in 3-view section located in the rear of catalog which includes codes for all types and sizes of drawings including the KOKU-FAN series. - An asterisk (*) preceding stock # in catalog indicates availability of 1 to 4 pages 8½" x 11" photo copies. Price is $3.00. A (**) preceding stock # indicates 5 or more pages and many times includes historical, performance, etc. information. Price is indicated at beginning listing of that model. (Note: There is no prefix for ordering these.) Note: There are times that magazine 3-views [(*) and (**) prior to Foto-Paak #] are superior to drawings in the Scale 3-view section in rear of catalog. Check codes. RESEARCH SERVICE - I have over 20,000 pages of 3-views and information that has not yet been cataloged. If you can not find what you need listed, send $25.00 for each aircraft search desired. $10.00 will be returned if I draw a blank. There is a $3.00 charge per photocopied page plus $8.00 shipping & handling. Balance, if any, will be via credit slip. ENLARGEMENTS (Full color) - Choose the size desired, send me the print (returned with order) out of the Foto-Paak and I will enlarge from the original negative. Takes about an additional week and is a valuable addition to your documentation or to hang on the wall as inspiration. 5"x7" -$ "x10" - $ "x12" - $ "x18" - $ "x24" - $30.00 Oversize - call for pricing Prices in catalog subject to change due to re-shoots, changes, or errors 2 Changes & Additions from previous year catalog are preceeded by a +

3 DOCUMENTATION FOTO PAAKS A AASI JETCRUZER - Pusher canard passenger. White w/red & blue trim. N500JC. W/gear, surface detail. No interior. (X)6762/ Acapella Twin boom pusher. Silver & blue w/red trim. N455CR. With gear, surface detail. No interior. 3256/ Ace SCOOTER - White w/black & red trim. N811RR. 4002/ Acro SPORT - Blue and white. N15HS. W/gear surface details, bubble canopy and pants. No instruments. (X/*)1180/ SPORT - Blue w/yellow & white trim. N5AC. (X/*)4001/ SPORT - Red & white w/black & yellow trim. N9485. (X/*)4006/ SPORT II - Blue yellow/white trim. N4233T. W/gear/pant/strut/surface details/instruments. Open/closed cockpits. 1158/ SPORT II - Red/white/blue. N39GC. W/gear/pant/strut/surface details. Single canopy, no instruments. 1171/ SPORT II - Creamy yellow w/red/maroon/wht trim. N9EA. W/gear/strut, pant, surface detail, inter/instr. Bubble canopy. 1188/ SPORT II - Blue & white w/eagle head. N796DM. W/gear, strut, surface detail, interior and instruments. 6748/ SPORT II - Yellow w/black burst, checkerboard rudder. N5TT. W/surface detail and instruments. 7133/ SPORT II - White w/red trim. N4362D. W/gear, strut, surface detail, interior and instruments. 7770/ Acrostar (Wagner Hirth) - White w/black, red trim, D-EMKB. With bubble canopy, pants, surface detail. No interior. (X/*)2193/ ACROSTAR - White w/red/black trim. EC-CBS. W/gear, surface detail, interior, instruments. (X/**)3562/ ACROSTAR - As above, reduced coverage. (X/**)3562A/ ACROSTAR - White w/red trim w/white cross. HB-MSB. (X/**)4120/ ACROSTAR - White w/dark brown trim. N13LS. (X/**)4122/ Adcock STUDENT PRINCE - Black & white w/red trim. Radial engine. N W/gear/strut/surface detail & instruments. 1018/ Aermacchi MB-339A FRECCE TRICOLORI 86. Ital. Jet aerobatic team plane. Navy w/red/wht/grn trim. High detail w/instruments. (X/**)1148/ MB-339A Same as above, reduced coverage. (X/**)1148A/ ** MB-339A - 3-VIEWS & INFORMATION, 20 pages V 7.00 MB339 - Italy. Low visibility gray, red trim W/gear, surface detail, dim interior. (X/**)5858/ Aero (Also see Let) 3 - Yugoslavian P. Trainer (ala Chipmunk). Gray w/red star, # N W/gear, surface detail. No interior. 2579/ AB-11 - Observation biplane. Blue/green. W/gear, surface detail. No interior. 6787/ A-10.3 (Czech) - Khaki w/black markings, aluminum cowl. Single engine biplane. W/gear, surface detail, dim instr. (X/*)3927/ A-12 - Biplane. Green, tan, wine camouflage. W/gear, strut, surface detail. No interior. 6680/ A-18 - Tan, green, brown camouflage, gray bottom, silver cowl. Czech. W/ gear, surface detail and instruments. (X)6685/ A-18C - Racing biplane. Czech. Silver #5. W/gear, surface detail and instruments. (X)6701/ Ae-10 - Biplane. Mottled green, gray bottom. Inline engine. Ae W/ gear, surface detail. No interior. (X)6698/ AP Olive w/gray bottom. Radial biplane w/gun. 2E. W/gear, surface detail, partial instruments. 6707/ B Low wing radial. Silver. Czech. C-155. W/gear, surface detail. No interior. 6702/ L-29 DELFIN - Czech jet 2 seat. White w/red trim. N3098E. W/gear, surface detail. No interior. (*)3619/ L-29 DELFIN - Same as #3619, now called Pasta Burner. W/gear, surface detail. No interior. (*)3619A/ STUDENT PRINCE - Yellow w/black trim. N Cowled radial exposed cyl. W/gear/strut/surface detail/instr. 2188/ L-29 DELFIN - White w/red, gray, black trim. OK-02. W/surface detail, gear retracted. Hanging in museum. (*)5152/

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