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1JZ swap [Archive]

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you have to watch out, there are 2 versions of the 1JZ. we have the 2nd version, Non-VVTI. so, that may mean there are 3 versions. old version, revised version, revised version w/ VVTI.

Bellhousings between 1JZ and 2JZ are interchangeable. a JZ bolt pattern is a JZ bolt pattern. so the AT from a 1J will work on a 2J, vice versa.

the 1JZ bell housing for the R154 is something like 20mm SHORTER, which places the gear case closer to the engine. there apparantly is enough slack in the slip yoke of the MA70 driveshaft to accomodate.

a 1JZ AT bell housing will NOT accomodate the R154 gearcase.

a 2JZ flywheel CAN bolt onto a 1JZ. however, if you can find/use a 1JZ flywheel, you can use 7M Clutches and pressure plates

the W58 from the MKIV IS stronger than the W58 from the MK3 due to internal differences... youd have to get a new slave cylinder too. i would just recommend getting the 1JZ Bellhousing and keeping the R154. the R154 is quite a bit better than the W58 and could even be modified to be stronger than the Getrag.

JDM 2JZGTE 440cc injectors ARE direct plug-and-play. while in closed loop, your ECU can compensate for the additional richness. however, while in open loop, the ECU doesnt use the O2 sensor feed back and relies on pre-programmed fuel tables which are engineered around 370cc injectors. so you WILL run richer during Open Loop operation using 440cc injectors. youd be better off using an SAFC to pull fuel out. the stock 1JZ has a tendency to run rich as it is... 440's will only compound the problem. USDM 2JZGTE 550's can work. you need to either use the 2JZGTE or 7M injector connectors, and/or file off the locator tabs on the 550's. youll also need to solder in the 2JZGTE resistor pack or 7M resistor pack onto the ground/negative side of the injector plugs.

from what ive seen on the 1JZ... the doesnt appear to be any provisions for EGR equipment.

oh yea...ive also been told that the 7M, 1JZ and 2JZ pilot bearings are all the same. i will hopefully find out tomorrow.

on our clip, i pondered removing the entire fuse box and body harness and swapping it to the MA70 for a TRUE swap... but that proved to be fruitless as there didnt seem to be any breaks in the body harness and entered the cabin. id have to tear the fenders off to get at the plastic rivets that mount the harness to the body. splicing the JZA70 body harness connector to the MA70 body harness is the only REASONABLE solution.

btw, you can fly the whole engine, tranny, DP, harness out of the car as one assembly. same w/ the 7M. you dont have to remove any major components from either of the engines to successfully remove them from the cars. only things that have to be "Removed" are engine fan, radiator, slave cylinder, Air intake system and IC pipes... tahts really it. the rest will just unplug or disconnect like fuel lines and stuff.

as far as the tach issue. the JZA70 ECU has a different tach drive apparantly or something like that. just remove the tach from your JZA70 guage cluster, reconfigure the mounts and itll install right into the MA70 guage cluster. the LED in the center of the JZ tach is for Low oil pressure but can be rewired to work w/ the cruise. i havent tackled this part yet, but ill find out.

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