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Turbocharger RHF4H,14411-VK500,14411-MB40B, VA420058 for Nissan YD25DDTi

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1) Model: RHF4H Turbocharger

2) Part No. : 14411VK500,14411-VK500,14411-MB40B, VA420058,VB420058,14411-VK50B

3) Engine Model: Nissan YD25DDTi

4) Application : Turbocharger RHF4H,14411-VK500,14411-MB40B, VA420058 for Nissan YD25DDTi

5) Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western union

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we can also provide the related spare parts,compressorhousing, cartridge (CHRA), turbine housing, bearing housing, turbine shafts rotor, repair kit(thrust bearing, journal bearing, piston ring, seal ring, insert, seal plate, O ring, gasket, retaining ring, clamp plate, heat shield, oil deflector, thrust collar, T-bolt Clamp, V-band Clamp).

Nissan PE6TA4514201-96514

NISSAN PF6TTA5108114400-1800 466860-0001

Nissan PD6TE0644406130-0008

NISSAN PF6TTA5103466242-0016, 466242-16 14201-96607, 1420196607, 1-42019-660-7

Nissan ZD30ETi 123ZD30ETiGT2052V724639-5006S 705954-0013 14411-VC100 144112X900 723739-0003 705954-0008, 705954-0009, 705954-0011,, 705954-0015, 723739-0002, 723739-0003, 724639-0002, 724639-0004, 14411-2X900, 14411-2X90A, 14411VC100,, 1679410G01

NISSAN TERRANO 2.7LGT2052V454205-5006S

NissanYD25DDTiGT2056V767720-5004S 14411-EB70C, 14411-EB71C 767720-0001, 767720-0002 14411-EC00C

Nissan TD42, TD42TIHt18-2, HT18-314411-62T00, 1047090 047-095 14411-51N00, 14411-09D60

Nissan ZD30HT12-19B1047282 HT12-19.144119S000 ,14411-9S000 14411-9S001

Nissan Datsun TD25THT10-18144113S900 14411-3S900/ 047-116

Nissan QD32ETIHT10-11A14411-1W400 14411-1W401 14411-1W402

Nissan Terrano TD27TDITB25144117F400, 14411-7F400 452162-0001 452162-5001S

Nissan RD28TGT1752S701196-5007S, 701196-0001,701196-0002,14411-VB300 14411-VB301

Nissan YD25DDTiRHF4H14411VK500 14411-VK500 14411-MB40B
VA420058 VB420058 14411-VK50B

Nissan FD46TB25471024-7A 14411-24D00




Nissan TD27T EngineTB2580703605-5003S 703605-0001 703605-0002 703605-0003 14411G2402 / 14411G2407 / 14411G2405 / 14411-G2402 / 14411-G2407 / 14411-G2405

Nissan TD27T EngineTB2527452047-0001,14411G2401, 14411-G2401,452047-5001S 1960004

Nissan RD28TTB252714411-22J00,14411-22J01 14411-22J02, 14411-22J04 465941-0001, 465941-0002 , 1441122J00, 1441122J01, 1441122J02, 1441122J04, 14411-22J02, 14411-22J04

Nissan QW25, YD25DDTiGT2056V751243-5002S 14411EB300 14411-EB300 751243-0002

Nissan TD22DDTI YD22GT1849V14411AW400 14411-AW400 14411AW40A 727477-0002 727477-0005 727477-5002S 727477-5007S

Nissan Terrano with TD27TI EngineGT2052S722687-5001S 144117F411,14411-7F411 722687-0001

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