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Taking the mystery out of tuning the 1.4

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1 tuning 4 Taking Mystery

A couple other things worth mentioning... I also lowered the thermostat temp from the factory 224/201606/03/32070.html">1* down to 4/201606/03/32070.html">198* as most (or all) of the other tuners do, I would recommend doing this since with increased boost pressures comes increased cylinder temperatures and the lower operating temp will help keep knock at bay.

The other thing is regarding modifications to your vehicle. My Sonic is mostly stock, the only real power related mods I've done is porting the intake manifold and the bypass mod, and I actually did those while still on the stock tune. I don't know how far you can go with mods such as exhaust or intakes before needing to tune differently than what I outlined above.

I would think that if your intake is compatible with the stock tune you'd be ok but if your intake has a different diameter tube where the MAF sensor is then you should consult a tuner. With exhaust I would also imagine that if your exhaust is compatible with the stock tune that you'd be ok but if at all unsure I'd check with a tuner.

Since were not altering fuel or timing, changes that increase the engines breathing a little, such as intakes and exhausts should be managed by the ECM. But again I don't tune professionally and checking with a tuner or at least monitoring your fuel trims with something like an Ultragauge or the data logging capability with HPTuners is always a good idea.

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