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Turbo for Perkins ,GT2049S,TB25,TO4B28,2674361

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TB2 Turbo for Perkins gt2049s

Turbo for Perkins ,GT2049S,TB25,TO4B28,2674361

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James (Sales Manager of Dept. 1)
China Hightec Auto Parts Co., Ltd
Email: james@chinahightec.com
Phone: 0086-182 5050 1226
MSN: jameschinahightec@hotmail.com

We are China Hightec Auto Parts Co., Ltd, which are mainly speccializes in the field of turbochagers and turbo parts.

We can provide clients with hundreds of models of turbochargers.
Including GT series, K series, HX series, RH seriec, TD series, CAT series etc.
It is can be used for many kinds of engine, Such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Hyundai, Nissan, Hino etc.

We can also provide fuel injection pump parts such as head rotor, diesel nozzle,diesel plunger, delivery valve, repair kit, common rail series and Fuel Injection System Testing Equipments.
More details, please feel free to contact us.

Turbo for Perkins

GT2049S 2674A421 Perkins
GT2052 2674A391 / 727266-5001S Perkins
GT25 2674A404 Perkins
GT25 2674A225 Perkins
GT35 T64801012 Perkins
H2D CV8(LP3) 3529839/40 Perkins
SJ60F Perkins
T04 2674A078 Perkins
T04 2674A109 Perkins
T250 2674A066 452061-5001 Perkins
TA3120 466854-0001 Perkins
TA3120 2674A394 Perkins
TA3123 2674A076 466674-5005 Perkins
TB25 2674A150 727530-5001 Perkins
TB2558 2674A149 Perkins
TB2558 TJP P135T1 T2674A150 452065-0003 Perkins
TB2565 2674A056 Perkins
TB4131 2674A110 Perkins
TBP4 PHASER210T1 2674A128/9 Perkins
TBP4 PHASER 160 2674A082/028 702422-5004/1 Perkins
TBP4 PHASER 210 2674A059 452089-3 Perkins
TBP439 702422-0001 2674A028 Perkins
TO4B28 2674361 Perkins
TO4B71 2674363 Perkins
TO4E35 2674A080 Perkins

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