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Industrial Liquifier

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Industrial Liquifier

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73317p- 25 gallon Norman Walker, Liquifier model DS25, single shell, closed top with manway, 1.5" inlet, 2.5" outlet, 3 HP 1730 RPM direct drive motor, 20" x 20" x 48" tall, ship dimensions 48" long x 40" wide x 60" high, weighs 325 pounds


77251p- 25 gallon Walker, Likwifier model DS-25, single shell, 3 HP 1730 RPM direct drive motor, 2.5" outlet, approximate 20" x 20" x 48" high


49155p- New 50 gallon Bcast Stainless Products, Insulated Liquifier, 4 HP 1500 RPM drive, 304 stainless steel construction, dome top with manway & cover, sprayball, tri clamp top inlet connections, 46" overall height


74284p- 50 gallon Breddo, Likwifier model LORWW, vertical, cylindrical, dome top, dish bottom, dimpled jacket, stainless steel exterior, 3" TC outlet, manhole, overall height 70", temp plate volume 107, maximum operating pressure 90 PSI, extra blade, 100% coldwall, control panel, sprayball, 18.5" manhole, outlet 23" off ground, 3" tri clamp outlet, 2" tri clamp inlet, Toshiba 30 HP motor, model 0304SDSR42A-P, 1770 RPM, 230/460 volt, 72/36 amp, inverter duty VPWM 1.0 SF, SN 12110058477


44285p- 50 gallon Norman, Liquifier, low pressure jacket, all stainless steel, no motor, type DS impeller, 3" outlet 1 side of bottom, no pressure rating, 15 PSI.


81240- 60 gallon Liquifier, with working motor, 2" outlet with shut off valve, (2) 2" inlets, 26.5" L x 26" W x 59" T


77895p- 75 gallon Breddo, 15 HP Liquifier model LORSS, round, stainless steel, scraped surface, V belt driven high speed agitator, 2 HP variable speed drive for scraper agitator, 5-25 output RPM, bridge & cover top with guard on 1 side, 2.5" tri clamp outlet, frame dimensions 72" x 48" x 68" overall height.


76193p- 100 gallon APV, Liquifier, single shell, stainless steel, top manway, 2.5" outlet, 25 HP right angle direct drive, 230/460 volt, 40" x 40" x 58" high.


66550-New 100 gallon Bcast Stainless Products, Square Liquifier, single shell, stainless steel, flat top head with gasket manway, conical style bottom, stainless steel frame & legs, 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces, #4 interior finish 32RA minimum 1.5" x 3.0" removable sprayball, 3" clamp screen vent assembly, 2.5" clamp outlet, 30 HP drive motor, 230/460 volt


74143p- 100 gallon Breddo, Likwifier model LDT100, stainless steel construction, approximate 34.5" x 34.5" square jacketed mixing chamber, jacketed on side & bottom for 60 PSI at 350 degree F, with general purpose impeller, 2.5" outlet, direct driven with 15 HP 460 volt XP motor, on stainless steel stand, jacket certified by Paul Mueller (S/N 161937), National Board #24504, square


76145- 100 gallon Breddo, Likwifier model LOR-100, single shell, belt driven, round, 20 HP motor


59488p- 100 gallon Breddo, Liquifier Blender model LORWW, 316 stainless steel contact parts, 125 PSI jacket, 40 HP 230/460 volt offset motor, 57" from floor to opening of the unit, round, last used in food plant


77435- 100 gallon Liquifier, stainless steel, square, with manhole, with motor, lid top


71416p- 100 gallon Mueller, Jacketed Liquifier, closed top with manway, 2.5" tri clamp outlet, 15/7.5 HP direct drive 2 speed motor 1800/900 RPM, 460 volt, 100 PSI, National Board rated heat transfer surface, square


71496- 100 gallon Norman, Likwifier, single shell, 10 HP direct drive motor, square top manway cover


64761p- 100 gallon Norman, Liquifier, 10 HP motor, special double dumping openings on each side.


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