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How can I get access port to work with aftermarket intake.?

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Official Answer is no. But it depends on the brand of intake you have. The fact is, some intakes do not work as well as our stock intake & others work better. It just depends. From what I have seen, the "safe" one's to run with an off the shelf Accessport map are the K&N Ram Air, the Cobb Ram Air & the SPT Ram Air.

You should be ok with a Stage 1 tune from Cobb considering you have the K&N. But use at your own risk. If something feels wrong, flash back to stock.

11:23am on Apr 14, 2010

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what intake do you have?? ^^ agreed. i think you should be ok with a stage 1 tune map...try resetting your ecu aftwerward too

04:09pm on Apr 15, 2010


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Xman called it right on the nose. But your stock air box setup is good for up to 400 HP as stated from a Suby tuner at TopSpeed.

07:13pm on Apr 15, 2010


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I know that they say to not use an aftermarket intake with the Cobb AP but I still do. I have an AEM CAI and I use the stage 2 map with turbo back exhaust. I have no problems with it at all. Also have a TurboXS hybrid BOV with the stock turbo... I think you would be fine.

11:34am on Apr 16, 2010


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I have personally used Perrin panel w/ intake elbow, K&N Typhoon, APS Short Ram, Cobb Short Ram, Perrin, Short Ram, and SPT Short Ram amongst my Subies: Cobb VF34 Mapped WRX, Cobb Stage 1 and Stage 2 FXT, Cobb Pro-Tuned STi. Never had any issues with any of these configurations.

06:44pm on Apr 16, 2010


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The way the Cobb Tune is, you should not be using an aftermarket intake. I would recommend getting a Pro tune on a dyno or hit up Perrin or Rallitek for a Cobb tune they could sell you. Plus, the Cobb Stage 2 max boost is around 15. But the Perrin max boost is almost 19. The torque difference is night and day.

08:54pm on Apr 16, 2010

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