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Turbovanes.com Brand new replacement Turbo Vanes, Turbo Nozzle Ring

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Turbo replaced vanes origin

New Replacement Turbo Vanes For Turbos With Turbo Vanes Sticking

Turbo Vanes sell turbocharger vanes and turbo nozzle rings for most vnt turbos , to help with turbo problems related to turbo vanes sticking , limp mode , over boosting , no power.

Turbo vanes replaced the original and older type of turbo wastegate system on most diesel turbochargers. the reason being was to improve fuel economy, to reduce emissions and to make the turbos more responsive at low speeds and high speeds

What are turbo vanes / what are turbo nozzle rings :

Turbo Vanes ( turbo nozzle ring ) are a row of vanes fitted inside the turbocharger which will match the boost required from the engine at low/ and high engine RPM. The VNT Turbo Vanes give you an average 1-3% percent movement at any one time thereby giving a rapid boost and response time, compared to the wastgate system which had a slow movement opening and closing and maybe only had 10-15% movement on average. Turbo Vanes also lower the LAG prone to the wastegate type turbochargers. When the engine is running at top end revs the VNT turbo vanes close to maximize exhaust flow through the turbocharger.

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