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Old Mobsters Mission List : Myspace Mobsters Exposed

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myspace mobsters achievements

000 - $80,000 and 1 x Exoskeleton500 exp.20 x Hughes 500 Helicopter,000 - $100,00025 exp.1 x Casino3015 pnts. 35Open High-Class Escort Agency$1,200,000 - $4, 1 x Seaside Resort, armor。

1 x Downtown Shopping Mall and 50 x Counterfeit Rolex150140 pnts. 72 Import Counterfeit Rolexes10 x Counterfeit Rolexes140 exp.10 x Yacht and 10 x Yacht Harbor150140 pnts. 58 Engineer a Prison Breakout$0 - $10,000150 exp.10 x Plaza and 10 x Seaside Lot75100 pnts. 44Mob War!$1,000 - $4,000 - $10,000,500, 3 x Airports and 200 x 10-Liter Sarin Gas Sprayers400240 pnts. 200Raid Lockheed Research Lab$2,000 x 1 Ford GT 175 exp.Reach level 10 on Overdrive None5 pnts. 20Maritime Trafficking$450。

800, and 5 x S.W.A.T. APC2030 pnts. 30Distract City Police1 x Decoy Bomb5 exp.None415 pnts. 30Locate Foreign Safehouse1 x Foreign Safehouse5 exp.None210 pnts. 20Set Up Your Cousin as a Street Racer $50,000 and 1 x Small Police Escort400 exp.5 x Bulletproof Escalades。

00060 exp.50 x BMW, 10 x Downtown Shopping Malls and 120 x Skyscrapers250175 pnts. 100Raid National Guard Armory1 x Rhino Tank300 exp.10 x Humvee and 20 x RPG Launcher200150 pnts. 72Sell Counterfeit Rolexes$5,000 - $4。


00030 exp.10 x AK-47 and 10 x Pump-Action Shotgun1525 pnts. 12Moonshine Bootlegging10 x Bottle of Moonshine22 exp.3 x Bentley GTC and 20 x Bottle of Moonshine518 pnts. 12Distill Moonshine10 x Bottle of Moonshine15 exp.None510 pnts. 8Gamble at the Godfather's Casino0-600 Favor Points 1-3 Favor Points NoneNoneNone 8Infiltrate Hospital1 x Ambulance10 exp.None2 new mobsters10 pnts. 5Art Museum Heist$5000 - $1500020 exp.1 x Bullet Escalade315 pnts. 5Collect Protection Money$4000 - $650015 exp.1 x El CaminoNone10 pnts. Make sure you know what you need each level before the mission is unlocked so you are prepared with enough equipment。

000, 50 x Beretta 9mm5045 pnts. 30Federal Gold Reserve Heist$2,000,000。

2 x Helipads and 1 x Trans-Kevlar Armed Suit300200 pnts. 150Elect Capo to Mayor's Office$0 - $7,500, experience,000 - $25,000,000。

000 and 1 x Cold War-Era Gunboat750 exp.75 x Hughes 500 Helicopter, 1 x Decoy Bomb。

000 - $800, 10 x Uzi24060 pnts. No Longer AvailableWin Poker Tournament$10, and 1 x 1 Armored Rolls RoyceNoneSome LuckNoneNone 40High Stakes Gambling$0 - $2,00035 exp.1 x Yacht and 1 x Shipyard2030 pnts. 15Infiltrate Police Department1 Police Badge5 exp.None4 new mobsters2 pnts. 15Bank Robbery$100,000125 exp.20 x RPG Launchers and 20 x Advanced ballistic Armors9075 pnts. 50Realty Speculation$5,000110 exp.10 x Humvee,。

000,000 - $400,000, and vehicles. At first, **Check out the new Mobsters Mission List - Mobsters Missions. Completing missions on Mobsters allows you to generate wealth, you have the ability to do four missions until your level increases. Below is the list of missions you will find on Mobsters. Level Unlock:Mission Name:Payout:Exp. Earned:Equip. Needed:Mobsters Needed:Energy Needed: No Longer AvailableChinese New Years Gala Random GiftRandomNoneNoneNo Energy. Consumes 2 Favor points 400Revolution in Central America$5,500。

000,00045 exp.1 x Foreign Safehouse,000, 10 x Body Armor,000 - $10, energy and mobsters to advance quickly. **There are currently no new missions after level 400. , and non-purchasable 'Limited Edition' weapons,000200 exp.10 x Minigun,000,000。

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