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74 Nova LS turbo kit (67

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Custom built turbo kit. This is currently on my 71 Nova and will be removed upon sale. It can be seen and heard in person. It has approx 6000 miles on everything. Made 603 rwhp on 14psi. Running 17psi now, power estimated 650rwhp.

-Cast manifolds that fit any Ls series engine (LS1, LS2, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 truck engines etc)
-Custom built 2.5" Mild steel piping, painted with high temp black and then wrapped. It fits 68-74 Nova's and similiar models such as first gen Camaro/Firebird with minor mods.
-Master Power GT45 turbo, 69mm compressor. Kind of a mid frame unit with a large exhaust side considering the smaller compressor wheel.
-Turbosmart Pro Gate 48 wastegate, springs for multiple boost levels
-Tial 50mm Blow off valve
-3.5" Downpipe from the turbo to the firewall area.
-Treadstone vertical flow intercooler
-All intercooler piping from turbo to intercooler and throttle body.
--4 oil feed line and -10 drain braided hose.
-rubber elbow and air filter
-pcm that is tuned with speed density EFIlive for a 6.0 with LS6 cam
-custom built power steering pump and bracket that works with Camaro/Firebird accessories and clears drivers side manifold.

$4400 with pcm and power steering setup. $4000 without. I will sell just the manifolds and hot side to the turbo and the downpipe for $2200.

Call 763-221-175Five if your interested. Nathan

74 Nova LS turbo kit (67

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