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Element Tuning Turbo Price Drop! CP Pistons and Cosworth on sale too!

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Element Tuning's 4340 forged H beam rods are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Element Tuning has fully tested these rods in our Time Attack program with exceptional success and performance. Each rod is CNC machined from 4340 steel forgings, shot peened, stress relieved, heat treated, and magnafluxed for uncompromised strength and reliability. Precision machined in the USA to within .0002" ensures exacting fitment and rod length is set to exact OEM specification at 5.137," not shorter like many other rods.

When it comes to hardware we use the best in the business, ARP. Element rods are assembled using ARP 3/8" 2000 bolts rated at 220,000 psi of tensile strength. Upgrading the OEM STi rods with Element Tuning's 4340 rods is highly recommend when pushing 550+ whp and high rpm applications where the OEM rods can potentially twist.

Bronze bushed small end with oiling hole. Large and small ends are balanced and come in weight matched sets. At 520 grams including hardware these are some of the lightest rods available for your Subaru.

Element Tuning Forged 4340 H Beam Rods Include:

- 4 forged H beam rods weight matched and balanced
- ARP 2000 rod bolts
- Installation instructions

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