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Specific Turbo Comparison Thread. Turbonetics T62 Vs.??? [Archive]

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Turbo Turbonetics good blad

Precision turbos from what I have seen make slightly more power and better spool than other brands of the same size. T63E (63mm~690WHP)or PT-61(61mm~680WHP) would be good alternative to that turbo...

Garrett's GT35R is a good turbo too.

HKS TO4Z is the latest from HKS promising good spool with Dual Ball Bearing and the latest anti-surge housing good for about ~700WHP last I heard. Probably spools around 4200rpm. HKS usually has the best quality parts. You pay for it though. Technically this one is better than your turbo.

SP64 is proven powerhouse with shop backing behind it.

You can't really go wrong with the latest from the best manufacturers.


Your numbers are a bit on the high side... 680whp is definitely on the high side for a 61...most 61's aim to hit 600 with a decent tune. Sure anything is possible, but you're 'way off the map'

...the compressor map that is...

HKS, SP, Precision, whoever (turbonetics as well) all use Garrett wheels. Just some wheels are specific to those companies. The GT42, PT76 and T51R SPL from HKS are all nearly the same things. all 102mm compressor wheels with 76mm inducers (the GT42 has two trim options for the 102mm comp. wheel)

Other wheels like the PT71 are probably off of some random indescript Garrett wheel meant for a catepillar like a tv41 or something. Or it could be something that precision had them build. PT71-GTQ is an excellent turbo that you can pretty much only get from precision.

Anyways, enough of my rambling about that.

The turbo you have is called a 62-1, not a T series, In turbonetics-speak, your turbo exists in a small subset called the 60-series turbos. This subset includes the 60-1, the 62-1 (supposed to flow an extra 10 percent over the 60), and the 68-1. All pretty decent turbos...work horses for the last 2-3 decades technology wise. Nothing particularily bad about them...lots of options lots of ways to customize them, price tag is a bit high for turbonetics product IMO but that is due to a variety of reasons.

I believe the last 62-1 I ordered I had to pay out the ass for it because I got a big-shaft option and needed to get a special back plate and center cartridge, I got the polished compressor cover and I was trying to wait for the Tang. .58 a/r but they were backordered for like 6 months.

The precision stuff is good like a PT61 or PT63...they come standard with the same P-trim wheel you have I believe. Normally the trims are either 76 or 69. IMO I believe that either of those compressors will probably be a bit more effiicent than what you have now (more power potential), but to be honest I'd have to look at the compressor maps.

I've heard ITS makes some good products as well, although I haven't dealt with them personally. I believe their 61 has been kicking a decent amount of ass.

Turbonetics themselves also sell a T series turbo about the same size as what you have, the T61, next up after that is a T64. I believe every single turbonetics turbo is available with ball bearing if you want to pay extra for it.

As for Garrett GT series turbos, you're looking at about a GT35R. Difference is, the 35R is a T3 inlet on the turbine side. It's extremely expensive (18-1900) but it's an excellent turbo. 61.5mm inducer IIRC ball bearing, 68mm turbine, extremely aggressive, and has some good a/rs available (sometimes they are hard to find, but they exist trust me ;))

After that you have the GT40, which I believe uses something close to a standard T4 inlet flange, two trims available...one with a 60ish mm compressor, the other with a 64.5mm compressor. 77mm turbine...excellent choice IMO.

There are tons of turbos my friend. It's all up to what YOU want your car to do.



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