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GM offers a picture of innovation

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picture offers Innovation

So you always wanted a photo of a '70 Pontiac GTO or a '59 Cadillac DeVille or an '87 Buick Regal Grand National or a '72 Chevy Vega hanging on the den wall, but didn't know where to get one.

Hmm. If you always wanted a photo of a '72 Vega hanging on your den wall, don't even bother to read on.

But we digress.

Based on the philosophy that one man's trash is another man's treasure, General Motors has decided that after decades of taking millions of photographs of each and every car, truck, van and sport-ute it designed and/or built, it could slim the bulging filing cabinets--and make a few bucks--by selling the photos.

So GM has opened an Online "Photostore" for automotive historians, enthusiasts or consumers to shop for contemporary or historical photos from its archives.

The site was prepared with Getty Images of Seattle, a photo-imaging company that has created similar online stores for the National Basketball Association and Boeing.

The site, , houses photos from all divisions and includes not only production models but also renderings and sketches of cars that never got a thumbs-up for assembly as well as ads for old cars. Categories include concepts, auto shows, muscle cars and fabulous fins, to name a few.

You have to agree that the photos are only for personal use, not for reproduction.

Prices are $2.99 for an 8-by-10-inch photo, $7.95 for a 16-by-20 and $10.95 for a 24-by-30, plus 10 to 65 cents postage.

Shelby back in saddle: Now that famed former racer and performance-car developer Carroll Shelby is back to help Ford Motor Co. create high-powered machines (Business, Aug. 15), a couple of questions remain:

Will Shelby's products conflict with Ford's SVT products?

"No. We may take some SVT or Ford Performance products and do special Shelby versions. We've tossed out a lot of ideas to chew on over the next year," Chris Theodore, vice president of advance product creation at Ford, told us.

And hate to ask, but:

Carroll is 80 years old, which makes him senior to even 71-year-old Bob Lutz, vice chairman of GM, so how much can you expect out of him?

"Carroll's got his son's kidney and is working on ticker No. 2, but he just got back from a fishing trip to Alaska. He's going strong," Theodore said.

OK, but will youth appreciate who the man is and remember that the high-power Shelby Mustang last sold in the '60s bore his name?

"Any high-performance product garners the attention of youth, and with Carroll more high-performance products are coming that will resonate with youth. Kids don't know what a GT40 was, but they got all excited about our new GT," Theodore said.

Dream sequence: The Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series continues with the '04 Series 3 this fall, the eighth addition to the PT lineup, which bowed in the 2001 model year.

The Dream Series allows Chrysler to add limited-edition versions periodically to keep consumers interested in the PT lineup.

Series 1 bowed in '02 and 5,500 copies were sold. Series 2 came out for '03, but not until January rather than last fall, so only 2,200 were sold. No forecast on Series 3 sales, but Chrysler officials point out that it will be in showrooms in September to enjoy a full model year run.

And what about a Series 4 or 5?

"You can bet there will be more," one insider confided, "because limited-edition versions are in keeping with the PT phenomenon."

And Dream Series models don't rule out other derivatives, such as the convertible coming out early next year and perhaps the much-talked-about pickup or panel van in the future.

Series 3 will be powered by a 2.4-liter, turbocharged 4-cylinder that develops 220 horsepower, up from the 215 h.p. in the Series 2. It's the same engine that will be offered in the '04 PT Turbo.

The Series 3 also will be the first two-tone Cruiser, finished in Midnight blue over silver and featuring blue tinted glass front, sides and rear. Other standard features include a 5-speed manual, four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock and traction control, power moonroof with express open, liftgate-mounted spoiler, AM/FM stereo with six-disc CD changer and Sirius satellite radio. A 4-speed automatic with Auto-stick will be optional. Series 3 will start at $28,810, plus $590 for freight.

Other PT entries include the Flames, Woodie and Chrome editions; the Dream Cruiser 1 and 2; and the Turbo.

Chrysler has sold more than 590,000 PTs.

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