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Mild 302 build/hp increase

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Build mild MI hp Increase

Just remember, power is made on the top side of an engine. A good set of heads will make a world of difference in that truck. The cam needs to be changed to maximize the results, besides, you'll already be in there.....

GT40's are a good head, but they need a good bit of work to make them really good. If you can gasket-match and port them yourself then go for it.

GT40P's are a no-go, unless you want to fight with the exhaust/spark plug clearance. The plugs go in at a funky angle and that can cause fitment issues.

A good set of used iron heads can be bought for very little, so check into that before you sink a bunch of $$ in GT40's.

IF you go with GT40's, I would stick with the factory truck intake, unless you are willing to buy an aftermarket one. The truck intake (when ported) will make more torque than the GT40 intake due to the larger runners. If you go with aftermarket heads you should consider an aftermarket intake for a little more power

Bumping up the C/R is not really going to give a significant increase in power, but it will (more than likely) require an increase in fuel octane.

Pull the motor and do a basic rebuild. New rings, rod and main bearings, good heads, cam and intake will make a huge difference in how it runs. You can easily break 300 hp and still run on 89 octane.

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