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new rear wheel for a turbo trainer??

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Turbo Wheel Rear trainer

by emabish » Fri Jan 06, 2012 13:49 pm

Thank you for the replies guys. I bought a spare wheel and cassette yesterday for £42. I think I got quite a bargain as I reserved a wheel and cassette for £46 (found a 10% online code) and when I went to collect the guy told me I had ordered the wrong wheel. He could only find a £45 one and matched the price of the £30 one as I was cheeky to ask for a discount as it was scratched! He gave me an extra 10% off on top (I am never this lucky normally!)

Off now to buy some rim tape as I am a true novice and it took me repairing two punctures before I realised the problem!! Will try out the trainer later but appreciate the guidance x

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