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Series Super Duty Gets New King Ranch Edition, Promises Dramatically Improved Performance » AutoGuid

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Duty Super King Gets series

Umm it looks exactly like my 2013 with darker leather and standard black plastic instead of the special tan king ranch plastic (bed caps, bumper caps etc.) What is Ford trying to pull here? However more power is always better. Kudos for that. Still the best looking heavy duty on the road.


Dear Ford, Come on Guys “More Power” ?? The current 6.7 has 400hp and 800lbft torque and gets 18-19mpg on the hwy. The thing dosnt NEED more power to sell more units it NEEDS better economy!! Imagine a 6.7L that has 350hp 700lbft torque and get 29mpg!! You couldnt make enough to keep them on the shelves!!!

ford fan

Do you use your truck? Bet iit never gets dirty. Have you read specs for new dodge or gmc? Ford is behind in power. Ford needs more power and more mpgs. If they can do it we cantoo. Come on ford lets step up in both…

Cody Rufer

Bigger turbos better mpg


That is exactly my thought. If somebody needs more power than my 2012 F-350 puts out than get a big rig. I would love to see a smaller diesel with 30-35 MPG and tow ratings of 15,000 lbs. Most guys driving around now complain of MPG not needeing more power. Think about what you tow for a second. A RV weighing 12,000 lbs? a dump trailer at 10,000 lbs? a boat at 8,000 lbs.? The current diesel trucks tows those without feeling it. Ford should build a diesel truck for the little guy not just the guys hauling heavy equiptment or 4 car trailers.


What’s needed is reliability, sorry Ford fanatics, I’m going over to Dodge after 06 to 11 problems. The return on investment just isn’t there anymore. My 3- 7.3’s are not for sale.


So you rather replace the transmission in a dodge every 40,000 miles?


I don’t know what u mean about reliability my 7.3 is an 03 model and even though I’m currently having problems with the gear shift I couldn’t ask for a better vehicle in my opinion ford needs to bring back the 7.3 so ppl will stop complaining about power and put some of their economy tech to give it more MPGs


Steve,I’m with you,not more power but better fuel mpgs,my 7.3 with a Banks exhaust and chip will get a 20.5 mpg if I keep my foot out of it,mash it around and it will drop to 17.5 to 18. I’m convinced Ford should offer something over 40mpg.Most trucks are only hauling the guy driving it ,towing probably about 10% to 20% of the time.We want the capabilitys to tow and great fuel milage at the same time period.Maybe it will be with a 2 speed rearend setup or a 10 speed automatic tranny.Or a combo of both.Come on Ford lets get with it and lead the truck industry forward.

drive an old truck its cooler.

I’d say they missed the mark once again. So disappointed.

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