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Welcome to the Duct Tape Diner

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tape Welcome DUCT Diner

Welcome to the Duct Tape Diner

Hoof Repair I was turned onto your site by a friend of mine after seeing me apply duct tape to my horses feet to create a "boot," so to speak. I see that you've already got a similar story on your HMO page, but wanted to send you a picture of what my horsey boots look like. We're using the duct tape over baby diapers to hold medication to the horses feet until they heal.

This sutff [the duct tape] works great, is durable and creates a foot ensemble with a sense of cosmic style to be envied the globe over! Not only are they easy to create, they're economical, costing around a $1.50 a pair--a savings of over $95 when compared to name brand horse slippers bought from finer tack shops.
All I have to say is thank God for duct tape!! --- Mandy G., Traverse City, MI

Movie Theatre Snack Money Saver My friends and I, being teenagers, don't have a lot of money to spend. When we go to the movies, rather than buy extremely expensive theater candy, we bring our own. The trick is to wear very baggy clothes, and then conceal the snacks (soda, candy, large bags of cheeto's) in your clothes by duct taping them to your ankles, stomach, etc. This prevents the treats from being confiscated by the evil theater guard people, and also makes for hairless ankles once the tape is removed! --- Katie G. Baldwinsville, NY

Welcome to the Duct Tape Diner

Boat Compass Light My friends and I were sailing from Annapolis to Martha's Vineyard. During the night the light in the compass failed so we used Duct Dape to attach a mini Mag light to the compass globe. Another lifesaving use for Duct Tape. --- David B.

Painters get seminary ready for Papal visit using Duct Tape Before selling houses, I use to be a paint salesman. One of my painting contractor customers had a job getting a local seminary library room ready for a visit by the pope. The contractor was given the task of reapplying poly urethane to the wood paneled walls. When the priest in charge of the project came by to check on the room, he was horrified to see that the room was being covered in a high gloss sheen!Not knowing what to do, the contractor called me for some help since he now had to degloss the entire room. He couldn’t sand it, because his painters might sand too far down to the wood, and then end up having to re-stain the walls, which also meant the possibility of chemically stripping them. Chemical deglossers were also out of the question at the time because of the fumes.
After a little bit of thought, I tried applying some Duct Tape to the wall, heated it, then pulled it off the wall. Lo and behold! The duct tape took off the recently applied gloss coating! I ended up selling them ten cases of Duct Tape, and prescribed a system of removing the coating. The painters would apply the tape, making a sheet of approximately 3x3, would heat it with a heat gun, allowed to cool a little, then could just rip it off the wall. It was even effective with detailed corners and carvings.
The Pope’s visit was delayed a few weeks, and I never found out whether they used that room as a reception area or not. But the duct tape caper worked out for my customer in a cost efficient way! ---Ken A.

Welcome to the Duct Tape Diner

Sledge Saver Bud Larson of San Diego, CA saved this antique sledge hammer (left) from an early demise by taping the handle. Should last another fifty to one hundred years.

Garage BandAid My friends and I are in a really bad garage band. One day at practice, my guitar strap started to hurt my shoulder. the solution? I took my strap, put some soft paper towels over it, and wrapped the whole thing in duct tape. Since then, I haven't had a problem with the strap at all. Plus, my strap is now waterproof. - Brady

Welcome to the Duct Tape Diner

Patriotic Couch ala Duct Tape This is what my brother, a good friend and I did on our July 4th afternoon to add some patriotic spunk to the living room. Our couch was falling apart and decided to repair the mess with duct tape. To our surprise at the store we found red, white, and blue duct tape. We'll as you can see we used it. 11 rolls. 316 yards. 4.5 hours. But she is beautiful. We call her "Old Glory"-Betsy Ross Collection. --- Tyler W., Auburn, Al

Bailing Wire of the New Millennium Oh, I used duct tape on the tractor the other day. The rubber connection between the carborator and airintake is old and it had a hole so the proper air/gas mixture was off. The tractor is so old, parts hard to come by... so duct tape. --- Dale R.

Lunch Bag Helper I carry my lunch to work in a particular size brown paper bag that I get from a grocer. I use the same bag over and over for many days. Sometimes I extend the life of the bag by repairing small rips with duct tape. This way I can continue to use the bag until I get another like it. --- Robert C. Great idea! Here's an improvement on your idea: In our show we make a reusable lunch bag by duct taping over a paper bag. Also - freeze a water-soaked sponge in a plastic baggy. Duct tape the sponge bag securely onto the side of your reusable lunch bag - refreeze the bag every night - you will have a mini refrigerator for your lunch.

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