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RSP Titanium 1200C Dual Layer Turbo Blanket for T2 / T25 / GT25 / GT28 / GT30

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turb titanium Dual Layer 1200C


We've expanded our Turbo Blanket line and now offer a T25 Turbo Blanket in our Premium Titanium Design, this design is able to withstand up to 1200c. Turbo blankets help keeps the heat contained within the turbine housing and out of the engine bay. Don't melt the paint on your hood, ruin your radiator, or fill the engine bay with hot air. A turbo blanket also traps energy in the exhaust housing of the turbo making it more efficient by maintaining operating temp.

Manufacturer Description

This is our premium Pro Race Turbo Blanket. It is made of the highest quality material and tailored with the seams inside to make it low-profile for a snug fit and clean look. This turbo blanket can support 1200°C and is recommended for race setups that will see extended periods of on-power driving like Road Race, Drift, Circuit, Half-Mile, Mile, and other race cars.

We tested several different samples from turbo blanket manufacturers on our race cars here at the shop for 12 months before determining who we were going to use to bring our turbo blankets to the market. These units passed the test with flying colors on our shop S2000 that makes +860whp, our daily driven 1000whp supras, tight engine bays like Subaru's, DSMs, Evos, and more. These turbo blankets are the real deal, they made it through rigorous testing, and now we are offering them to you!   






Car Make

Car Model

Chassis Code

Included Ring Set

Product Weight

Outer Diameter

Inertial Weight

Shell Material

Hub Material

Compressor Wheel Inducer

Exhaust Wheel Exducer

Exhaust Housing A/R

Exhaust Housing Inlet

Exhaust Housing Outlet

Compressor Housing

Bearing Type



Inlet Size

Included Adapter

Torque Rating

Old Part Number Under SKU


Competitor Interchange Part Number Under SKU


Outer Spring Diameter

Max Net Lift

Valve Tip Length

Inner Spring Diameter

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Inch

Coil Bind

Duration @ 1.27mm

Lobe Separation

Gross Lift

Torque Specs

Cam Duration

Cam Lift

Valve Head Size

Valve Head Diameter

Compression Ratio

Face Type

Pin Fit

Small End Width

Thickness Above Pin

Dome CC

Recommended Thrust Washer

Recommended Main Bearings

Flywheel Opening

Pilot Bore Diameter

Snout Diameter

Flywheel Bolt Holes

Rear Seal Design

Minimum Rod Length

Main Journal Diameter

Rod Journal

Intended Balance

HP Rating

Recommended Rod Bearings

Gasket Thickness

Head CC

Engine Specifications

Rod Bolt

Part Weight

Big End Width

Big End Bore

Beam Type

Pin Size

Compression Height

Rod Length



Stem Diameter

Valve Length


Bore Size

Included Piston Set

Suggested Connecting Rod (Not Included)

Suggested Head Gasket (Not Included)

Included Head Gasket

Impedance Specifications

Nozzle Specifications

Standard Pin (Included) Specifications

Upgraded Pin (Not Included) Specifications

Pin Locks (Included) Specifications

Ring Part# Specifications

Front Camber

Front Spring

Front Spring Type

Front Spring Rate

Front Spring Length

Front Spring Inner Diameter

Front Spring Inner Top Diameter

Front Spring Inner Bottom Diameter

Rear Camber

Rear Spring

Rear Spring Type

Rear Spring Rate

Rear Spring Length

Rear Spring Inner Diameter

Rear Spring Inner Top Diameter

Rear Spring Inner Bottom Diameter

Wheel Bolt Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width

Wheel Offset

Wheel Back Space


Product Rating

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