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ISUZU 4HG1-T GT2256MS 704136-1 turbocharger type Turbo

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turbocharger ISUZU 4HG1-T GT2

ISUZU 4HG1-T GT2256MS 704136-1 turbocharger type Turbo



QA:ISO9001:2008 QC:DMAIC

Highly Competitive Sales Price

OEM standard

Gold Aftersale service

12 month the quality guarantee.



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  • You can use Google to search for Jiamparts, visit our official website for more information



  • About Jiamparts
  • Jiamparts is an independent professional turbocharger and turbocharger spare parts manufacturer.
  • Integrity, change and enthusiasm are the values of Jiamparts.
  • Jiamparts'core competitiveness from Integrity, Quality and Focuses.
  • About QA QC
  • Our working groups have been providing our customers with high quality and competitive price products.
  • At the same time, our products have passed ISO9001:2008 Certification.
  • ISO/TS 16949 in the authentication process.
  • The cycle DMAIC "Define->Measure->Analyze->Improve ->Control" is the way Jiamparts works.
  • About the Price
  • Jiamparts FOB pricing for only costs and very low profit.
  • Freight pricing ,jiamparts promise to send goods in lowest price from Beijing .Jiamparts cannot get any profit from freight.
  • Jiamparts can also provide Not only that. :

    Application EngineModelPats Number

    Jiampartsidua BCY BITURBO 450HPJiampartsiduaK04-2275EYE 6 88_53049880029

    Jiampartstac 3406EJiampartstacGT5002_701756-5001S

    Jiampartstac 3406EJiampartstacS410G_0R7223

    Jiampartssnimmuc 6BTAA160JiampartssnimmucHX35W_4050060

    Jiampartssnikrep 4 4LGT2556S785827-22

    Jiampartssnikrep VISTA 6 EPA TIERGT3267741641-5001S

    Jiampartstluaner G9T 720 90HPJiampartstluanerGT1549_720244-5002S

    Jiampartstluaner F9Q 2000 100HPJiampartstluanerGT1549S_7511134774

    Jiampartssnikrep 1006S2B312311

    Jiampartssnikrep T4 236 4L 3860CCTA0315466778-5001

    Jiampartssnikrep JCBTB2571452181-0001

    Jiampartstac 3406 DITATV8112465332-0008

  • There ...
  • Jiamparts also can supply turbo parts as follows:Repair kit,Cartridge,Gasket,Compressor wheel,Turbine wheel,Rotor shaft,Compressor housing,Turbine housing,Thrust bearing,Journal bearing,Thrust collar,O-ring seal,Etc...
  • ...

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