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gt2056 modded turbo

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So i am making a stock AHU into a modded AHU with a target of 180-200 HP
Main goal is longevity and fuel econ, then performance. but performance is the part we care about right. lol

since the gt2056 is no longer being produced and i am having issues finding one. i found a turbo seller that is custom making me a turbo that has all the same specs as a 2056 but with only one difference. the hot side AR is going to be 0.64 insead. this is due to him using parts from a ball bearing setup or something. The nice part is its only going to cost me about $800 shipped

So the question is , how much of a difference am i going to see from having the larger hot side. from .56 to .64
- i may be a newb to this but i think thats the trim size right? I know i am sacrificing more low end for top end power . remember my goal not to turn it into a crazy performance. as is after the injectors im getting 52mpg

So far the car will have POWERPLUS 764 with stage 1 tune- kerma, pd150 intake. 2.5 FMIC 20x2.5x7, 3" exhaust turbo back, 8v longitudinal exhaust manifold t2.5 into the "gt2064"- what im calling it, nictane filter, and plan on chip tune when its all done.

Do you think i will have clutch slip if i do the chip tune. Im happy with the injectors alone but the EGT is way too hot- the real reason why im doing the turbo ATM instead of when the stock KKK turbo goes.

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