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Atp turbo ran 12.9 107 gt28 bolt on

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Turbo 12 9 bố Ran


Originally Posted by thirdgen89gta

A GT28RS is about $1000-1300 for just the turbo.

Add in FMIC, Catback....etc.... and that Focus now costs more out the door than the Camaro SS does.

Thats just parts.

Add in a labor charge if you are having a shop do it and you are now looking at a very expensive focus that ONLY runs 12.9's @ 107mph.

If the camaro driver could DRIVE he would be bottom 12's around 110mph and the focus STILL wouldn't have caught him. Yes, the Camaro is heavy, but it certainly has enough power to move and does handle very well.

If I only lived my life a 1/4 mile at a time, your point would be undeniable!

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