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Origin or iBuyPower Custom Laptop?

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Custom Laptop origin iBuyPower

GreyCatz said:

From your earlier post I recall that your primary concern is: "Will it play WoW on ultra?" If this still holds true, then I have to say that the laptops in your links are ridiculously over target.

Take a look at this YouTube video demonstrating WoW on max settings running on a quad-core Haswell CPU and a GTX 770 card:

On a very general note, I would never sink this kind of money into any laptop unless it's a powerful Xeon workstation.

1. Gaming laptops are not known for build-quality the primary reason being that gamers prefer awesome graphics power over solid build-quality. Typically, the GPUs are so expensive that the manufacturers have to cut corners somewhere to stay in business, and this usually means cheaper-grade chassis materials.

2. Most gaming laptops are also very heavy (6lbs and up) so they tend to be used as desktop replacements. This means they will be hooked up to an external monitor for most of their life-cycle. On the rare occasion when these laptops need to be moved (e.g. LAN parties), gamers tend to be very careful with their (insanely expensive) gaming rigs - all told, build-quality isn't really a major selling point in this segment.

3. What you seem to be looking for is a capable Dell Inspiron 15 or Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 or similar. These are available at around $1,000 and will typically feature a GTX980 GPU and a quad-core Kaby-Lake i7 CPU. And that should be more than enough for WoW, even at ultra.

I am well aware of what is required for WoW, the problem is the mobile processors are not up to snuff in my opinion. The 1060 is complete and utter overkill, but I see no options for any lesser GPU in any desktop processor laptop.

I've even fiddled with the idea of building an HTPC (which would be incredibly cheaper and allow me to ONLY get the parts I need/want) but the problem remains it is not mobile enough. Something I can simply fold up and put in my backpack is what I need.

I am only worried the lower end laptops will not perform as I want. For WoW anything that can turbo on 4 cores to 4.0GHz will be sufficient. The problem is, only 8th gen is capable of that and there are so few of those out, and I have no idea if the Vega M chips will be enough for gaming. The Dell XPS 15 might even be an option.

So if Userbenchmark is correct. The Vega M chips would be okay for 1080p 60Hz, considering it is slightly faster than a 1050 Ti.

So if I could find a Dell XPS 15 with an 8809G chip that probably would be dang near perfect.

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