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Shares for 2001: Turbo Genset

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BUYING media stocks this year has taken some guts - but fortunately my punt, Sanctuary Group, has come good.

The media and intellectual property rights group successfully launched a heavy metal music internet portal, added to its music catalogue and continued the strong growth in its television production division. Sanctuary has had two great years - it rose by more than 100 per cent in 1999 - but the shares should have further to go.

This year I am taking a risky punt on Turbo Genset, the high technology engineering company. Turbo (£19.25) makes high-speed alternators using a disc design. The generators have low emissions and are powerful, lightweight and portable. This makes them ideally suited for the growing market of distributed power where companies demand portable units to back up grid-based systems.

Crucially, Turbo has linked with General Electric in locomotive electric turbo-chargers, Pratt & Whitney and Detroit Edison in distributed power generation and BP Amoco in oil industry applications. Turbo has yet to make a profit and may look like a leap of faith with a market value of around £800m. But the technology appears to be ground-breaking.

The next two years will be crucial but Turbo has around £30m cash to ensure the completion of the flagship 333kW unit. A tip for brave investors, Turbo Genset looks well placed to play a major role in the power generation revolution.

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