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Voith Turbo Product Range Power Transmission

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Product Range Power Transmission >

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Maxima 40 CC: The worlds most powerful single-engine diesel-hydraulic locomotive. Introduced 2006. >

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Voith banks on a consistent partnership and on long-term, trusting cooperation. Long-standing customer relations, some more than 100 years old attest to this fact. We abide by our promises and will never let our customers down. > Voith means continuous, dynamic growth with solid returns and annual sales of 4 billion Euros. Our customers can be confi dent that we will continue to support their objectives even in years to come ֖ with integrative and competent cooperation. > For 140 years Voith has stood for inventiveness and innovation: with around 400 new patents per year, with substantial investments...

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Product RangePower Transmission >

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As a leading specialist for power trans-mission and a solid, competent partner of customers all over the world, Voith Turbo is synonymous with fairness, innovative power and reliability in a wide variety of applications. We work enthusiastically at the development of state-of-the art drive and braking systems for industry, rail, road and marine: mechanical, hydrodyna-mic, electrical and electronic solutions that drive machines efficiently, move vehi-cles comfortably, save energy and reduce emissions. Decades of experience with power transmission systems, our broad service spectrum, our professionalism...

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■ Safeset couplings > ■ Internal gear pumps for low, medium and high-pressure applications Hydraulic Power PacksElectronicsSystem technique > ■ Constant-fi ll turbo couplings > ■ Shaft-hub connections > ■ Fill-controlled turbo couplings > ■ IP converters > ■ Variable-speed turbo couplings > ■ IP modules > ■ Geared variable-speed turbo couplings > ■ Control armatures > ■ Torque converters > ■ Turbine control technology > ■ Vorecon variable-speed planetary gears > ■ Servo motors > ■ Direct slide valves > ■ Explosion-proof solenoid valves and valve assemblies > ■ Protective devices > ■ Hydrodynamic...

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֢֠ Cooling systems > ■ SmartPack > ■ Fans > ■ System solutions covering front hatches including control electronics, impact protec -tion modules, energy absorbing compon- ents and complete train front end systems > ■ RailPack > ■ SilentVent > ■ TurboPack > ■ Heat exchangers > ■ LocoPack > ■ Couplers for standard-gauge railways, metros and trams > ■ TracSys vehicle control > ■ For diesel railcars > ■ VTDC > ■ Modular coupler head one4 > ■ For shunting and multi-purpose locomotives > ■ VTCsmart > ■ Semipermanent couplers > ■ Special connecting components such as joints with and without energy-absorbing...

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■ IFS Independent Front Suspension > ■ DIWA.3E > ■ Rigid axles > ■ DIWA.5 > ■ Inverted axles > ■ Service/Aftersales > ■ Systems solutions > ■ Retarder for trucks > ■ Exhaust gas turbochargers > ■ Retarder for coaches > ■ Mechanical handling and assembly > ■ Retarder for special vehicles > ■ Torsional vibration damper Hydrodamp >

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■ Voith Water Tractors > ■ Ferries > ■ Offshore Supply Vessels > ■ Navy applications > ■ Special ships > ■ Mega yachts > ■ Contur Propeller > ■ Vector Propeller > ■ Inline Thruster >

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constant innovation can open up a future where > is also progress: Voith Turbo >

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12 In Industry, safety > comes first. Voith Turbo can assure you that everything is running smoothly >

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As reliable partner to industry, Voith Turbo supplies start-up components, hydrody-namic drives, electric control technology, universal joint shafts and safety couplings, as well as highly flexible couplings and hydraulic systems to customers all over the world: from variable-speed drives for energy generation and petrochemical applications to start-up components in the materials handling, mining and processing industry to universal joint shafts and con- necting couplings for the steel, iron and engineering industry up to highly flexible couplings and hydraulic systems for fluid technology, construction,...

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30 MW Vorecon WinDrive WinDrive Hydrodynamic Drive for Wind Power Stations Variable-Speed Drives Hydrodynamic variable-speed coup -lings, geared variable-speed coup- lings and torque converters from Voith Turbo are used in energy generation, in the oil, gas and che- mical industry, as well as in the raw materials industry. Their utilization saves energy and costs, increases fl exibility and extends the service life of your plant. Further advanta- ges: excellent reliability, compact design, torsional vibration damping and load-free starting. The output spectrum ranges from 100 kW to 50 000 kW and...

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