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The Giant Where to get my Turbo From Guide

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It seems as if the boost craze is something that has hit the import enthusiast world by storm. Seems as if gone are the days of sick N/A builds with good looks, and in are the days of sleeper cars with awesome turbo buildups.

The downfall of this new craze is that people all over the internet are seeing this 'turbo influx' and taking advantage of those who are new to turbos and or old timers looking for good deals. Seeing this happen on a daily basis on ebay and through false thread information has caused me to attempt to create this sticky on turbo purchasing 101. This thread's intent isn't to help you decide WHAT TYPE of turbo to buy for your setup (IE: T3/to4E in a 48 or 57 trim), but instead is supposed to help members identify legit turbos from good sellers/rebuilders vs ebay and 'my friends a garrett rebuilder' disasters.

As always, turbo's are somethign everyone wants, but NO ONE cares to learn about and or research. That fact along with the many sellers/brands and different types, leads to confusion what is good and what isn't legit.


When purchasing a turbocharger, one should always have a wide variety of resources available to even help start a search. Sites such as , and are great online forums, while magazines such as Sport Compact Car and Modified help you see stuff on paper.

Once you have your sources, you should determine if you want to buy a brand new turbo, a new rebuilt turbo, or a used turbo.


Sites like , , and are renouned for their excellent new turbos as well as rebuilt products and service.

Businesses like Jim Wolf Technology (Which happens to be a GARRETT design house), and DW Diesel (Which is an official GARRETT supplier) are places to get brand new Garrett turbos, and or specially desisnged Garrett factory built turbos.

Again, the above sites are KNOWN to be good, as selling turbos is what puts food on the owners plates. There are however always other great sites out there to buy turbos from. The only way to test these other sellers is through research on the forums I've listed above and word of mouth. A quick search of 'The Speed Factor' will net you fantastic seller results. Do the same with 'XS Power' and you'll be greated with horror stories fit for Halloween! Always remember that its' your hard earned money you are spending...so no use in donating 400 bucks to some no namer becuase he's 50 cheaper than a legit site. One would hate to eventually pay 850 (cost of the junk turbo and a legit new one) when he/she could have just spent 50 more to start for a new unit. Just because Johnny/Suzy/Timmy/Sally can get you a hook up from an unknown seller is BY NO MEANS a good reason to buy that turbo. Plainly put: Turbochargers are expensive for a reason. It should be common sense when a t3/t4 costs 450 from ATP Turbo vs 200 from ebay, on which will be the better turbo.

This is probably the most common and popular choice when it comes to buying turbochargers. Usually up to half the cost of a legit Garrett factory unit, these turbos always use genuine parts when being rebuilt. Places like Phoenix Turbo, ATP Turbo, and Turbos Direct are the hands down KINGS of internet rebuild turbocharger sales. These companies understand that even 1 horror story on 1 forum could spell disaster for all future sales from that site (especially those on the scale of honda-tech). I have had great success from these sites buying parts and or turbo hardware, as well as the turbochargers themselves!! It's known to most boosted internet members that ATP especially is known for being your 'one stop' place for all things turbo. That, and they are listed as an official Garrett Supplier, which means that they also sell NEW hybrids as well. Can't beat that at all!!!

Another advantage of forums is being able to find advertisers who are running deals on turbos. These are a good situation of getting a turbo for less...however you always hafta browse/search first to look for the most popular sellers. At the same time you should also be able to tell who are legit sellers and who are not. As stated above, just because XS Power is running a deal doesn't mean you shoudl jump on it.

Phoenix Turbo is a verified Honda Tech Seller, and always offers AWESOME deals on their rebuilt turbos. The countless boosted members of HT will vouch for their sales as well (A quick search will yield tons of positive results!!!)


A main struggle with used sales is being sure to get a turbo with the correct flange for your setup. If you have a t2 based flange, than obviously a t3 or t4 turbo WILL not fit. Also keep brands together as well. A KKK or Mitsu turbo will NEVER fit your Garrett t3 based manifold. An srt-4 turbo will never work on your Integra, as the turbine housing is cast into the exhaust manifold. For those going custom, always remember that being original with turbo choice also isn't always best. Garrett is the standard, and irregardless of ones brand loyalty, should be where your turbo comes from. (Or a turbo that uses Garrett style flanges.) should Just because you can get a specially created KKK turbo mean you need it??? Remember that you'll need to have a custom manifold designed to accept the odd KKK flange, and then if you ever do decide to sell it, you'll need a buyer who has the correct flange. Selling a t3/t4 is 100x easier than a custom KKK, even if the KKK is the more efficient snail.

Classified Forums, such as the ones found on , , , , are great places to find USED turbochargers. The advtantage of buying a used turbocharger from these forums, is that you can search the sellers previous posts and or history (such as previous sale history) to get more information on a turbo. You can easily see if the turbo had 'smoking problems' and or similar problems from search results.

Another advantage of the forum sales, is that you can easily PM, EMail, or directly respond to the sellers thread. There is no excuse for those who don't ask q's first. Ask about shaft play. Ask if there is any oil found in charge pipes. Ask what PSI the turbo was normally run at, and for how many miles. Simple questions as that will help yield good results (1/8" shaft play, no oil in pipes, -3 line with restrictor, bought new from Jason at used for 5,000 miles at 12 pounds on my Altima) or (1/4" shaft play, no restictor, stock t25, ran at 17 psi for 14,000 miles, bought online from seller who upgraded to an aftermarket turbo). Remember however that AGE isn't always a determining factor of a good or bad turbo. Most OEM turbos are designed to to last the life of the car, so a stock t28 from an GTiR engine with 40,000 miles tends to be a safe bet.

Reputation is also another factor one should look at when buying stuff. If a new member with 3 posts is selling his 'Used for 10,000 miles gt28rs', I would be very skeptical, whereas if a user with 1000 posts, a thread or two on his turbo car/project and 15 positive reviews from other sales is a good sign that the product is legit. Also remember that when you are buying a used turbocharger, that they ARE USED. They won't have the same nice finish as a NEW turbo and or have new seals etc. The advtange of turbochargers is that they are very low maintainence, and problem free. Turbos usually fail from 3 things: No oil, overboost, and sucking in debris. If you see that the used turbo is from a crate SR20DET, you can be assured that it SHOULD have had good oil supply, and a debris free life (as it would only run with a MAF on). If the turbo was also over boosted, it would have more than likely wobbled to death, causing scars on the inner compressor housigns ETC. Seeing a stock t28 for sale that was neverused in car is USUALLY a good buy. Seeing a T28 tht was on a custom Saturn turbo however is not a good buy all the time, unless again you were able to track his setup and problems. You don't know if a t3/t4 on a honda was using a -3 line with no restictor that fed from his oil pressure sending unit.

Places like XS Power and 'My friends a Garrett Worker' are not, and tend to often provide upmost dissapointment in final products (such as housings being glued together, CHRA's not being balanced among other things like wrong trims/wheels/AR's. Try to avoid these places (along with SSAC turbos) like the plauge. If you find any info on the turbo brand you are looking at, then STAY away. If you're considering one of these turbos after reading this, and or seeing pics than you may as well paypal me the cash. I'll take it and spend it on somethign better anyway.


The pandora's box of turbochargers can found on Ebay. With such a wide amount for sale from so many people, who knows what is good or isn't? In my experience, those that are using ebay to find a turbo are generally trying to go the cheap way (commonly known as 'the wrong way') with their setup. The disadvantge of ebay turbos is you have limited intitial resources to tell of the turbo seller is on par or a double bogey. Feedback results are also a 'ok' way to tell, however these are easily manipulated as well by the seller. What I suggest with ebay turbos, is that you type the sellers name into Yahoo/google to see if they have an actual website. Secondly, I take the name and search or other forums for reviews and or results. To often ebay 'deals' end up being ebay 'mistakes', however there are ALSO (while fewwer) legit sellers on ebay, like Shadow Dragon Racing. The only way to know is by searching.

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