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CUMMINS N14 STC CELECT CELECT Plus Troubleshooting Repair Workshop Shop Repair Manual(2)

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Air Intake System (09-200-005-tr) Flow Diagram, Air Intake and Exhaust Systems (09-010-027) Charge-Air Cooler (09-010-031) Air Intake Restriction (09-010-033-tr) Turbocharger (09-010-038-tr) Turbocharger Axial Clearance (09-010-039) Turbocharger Blade Damage (09-010-040) Turbocharger Compressor Seal Leaks (09-010-047-tr) Turbocharger Radial Bearing Clearance (09-010-049) Turbocharger Turbine Seal Leaks Section 11 - Exhaust System - Group 11 (09-011-007) Exhaust Manifold, Belt Driven (09-008-038) Fan Shroud Assembly (09-008-039) Fan Spacer and Pulley (99-008-040) Fan, Connecting Rod (09-001-006) Bearings, Cooling (09-008-042) Radiator (09-008-045) Radiator Hoses (09-008-047) Radiator Pressure Cap (09-008-049) Radiator Shutter Assembly (09-008-053) Sea Water Heat Exchanger (09-008-057-tr) Sea Water Pump (09-008-062-tr) Water Pump (09-008-064-tr) Water Pump Idler Assembly Section 9 - Drive Units - Group 09 (09-022-001_09) Service Tools (09-009-001) Accessory Drive (09-009-004) Accessory Drive Pulley (09-009-005) Accessory Drive Pulley Wear Sleeve Section 10 - Air Intake System - Group 10 (09-022-001_10) Service Tools (09-010-001) Aftercooler (09-010-023) Air Intake Manifold (09-010-024) Air Leaks, ( ID 118368834 ) CUMMINS N14 STC CELECT CELECT Plus Troubleshooting Repair Manual ---------------- PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET TO FULLY USE THIS MANUAL ---------------- Section i - Introduction (99-204-002-tr) About the Manual (99-204-003-tr) How to Use the Manual (99-204-004) Symbols (99-204-005) Illustrations (99-204-006-tr) General Safety Instructions (99-204-007-tr) General Repair Instructions (99-204-008) General Cleaning Instructions (99-204-009) Acronyms and Abbreviations Section E - Engine Identification (09-100-001-tr) Engine Identification (09-100-002-tr) Engine Diagrams Section F - Familiarization (09-000-999) Complete Engine - Overview (09-001-999) Cylinder Block - Overview (09-005-999) Fuel System - Overview (09-200-001-tr) Flow Diagram, Cooling System (09-010-999) Air Intake System - Overview (09-200-004-tr) Flow Diagram, White - Excessive (PT) (3666142-t120-tr) Step Timing Control (STC) Valve is Not Shifting Correctly (3666142-t122-tr) Turbocharger Leaks Engine Oil or Fuel (3666142-t125-tr) Variable Speed (VS) Governor - Fuel Leak at the Throttle Shaft (3666142-t126-tr) Variable Speed (VS) Governor - Speed is Not Set Correctly (3666142-t127-tr) Variable Speed (VS) Governor - Surge with Engine Under Load (09-t00-004) Troubleshooting Overview Section 0 - Complete Engine - Group 00 (09-022-001_00) Service Tools (09-000-001) Engine Removal (09-000-002) Engine Installation Section 1 - Cylinder Block - Group 01 (09-022-001_01) Service Tools (09-001-003) Accessory Drive Seal (09-001-005) Bearings, Viscous (09-008-036-tr) Fan Hub, Front (09-001-024) Crankshaft Seal, Dry (09-011-009) Exhaust Restriction Section 12 - Compressed Air System - Group 12 (09-022-001_12) Service Tools (09-012-003) Air Compressor Carbon Buildup (09-012-010) Air Compressor Pin Bore Wear (09-012-013) Air Compressor Unloader and Valve Assembly (09-012-014) Air Compressor (09-012-017) Air Governor (Air Compressor Will Not Pump) (09-012-018) Air Governor (Air Compressor Pumps Continuously) (09-012-019) Air Leaks, Fuel System (09-006-999) Injectors and Fuel Lines - Overview (09-007-999) Lubricating Oil System - Overview (09-200-002-tr) Flow Diagram, Viscous (09-001-054) Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly (09-001-058) Cylinder Block Counterbore (09-001-059) Cylinder Head Mounting Capscrew Holes (09-001-065) Camshaft End Clearance (09-001-066) Gear Cover Accessory Drive Bushing Section 2 - Cylinder Head - Group 02 (09-002-004) Cylinder Head (09-002-021) Cylinder Head Gasket Section 3 - Rocker Levers - Group 03 (09-022-001_03) Service Tools (09-003-001) Crankcase Breather (External) (09-003-004-tr) Overhead Set (09-003-009) Rocker Lever Assembly (09-003-011-tr) Rocker Lever Cover (09-003-013) Rocker Lever Housing Section 4 - Cam Followers/Tappets - Group 04 (09-022-001_04) Service Tools (09-004-001) Cam Follower Assembly (09-004-014) Push Rods or Tubes Section 5 - Fuel System - Group 05 (09-022-001_05) Service Tools (09-005-010) Fuel Consumption (09-005-011) Fuel Flow (09-005-016-tr) Fuel Pump (09-005-026) Fuel Pump Gear Pump Check Valve (09-005-028) Fuel Pump High Idle Speed (09-005-029) Fuel Pump Idle Speed (09-005-031) Fuel Pump Pulsation Damper (09-005-035) Fuel Pump Throttle Lever (09-005-036) Fuel Pump Throttle Linkage (09-005-038) Fuel Pump VS Throttle Shaft Housing (09-005-043) Fuel Shutoff Valve (09-005-054) Stall Speed Test (09-005-056) VS Governor Adjusting Screw Sealing Washers (09-005-057) VS Governor Idle Spring (09-005-060) Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Section 6 - Injectors and Fuel Lines - Group 06 (09-022-001_06) Service Tools (09-006-003) Air in Fuel (09-006-005) Cylinder Misfires or Smokes (09-006-006) ECM Cooling Plate, Compressed Air System (09-013-999) Electrical Equipment - Overview (09-014-999) Engine Testing - Overview Section TS - Troubleshooting Symptoms (99-t00-001-tr) Troubleshooting Procedures and Techniques (99-t00-002) Troubleshooting Symptom Charts (3666142-t004-tr) Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly (3666142-t005-tr) Air Compressor Cycles Frequently (3666142-t006-tr) Air Compressor Noise is Excessive (3666142-t007-tr) Air Compressor Pumping Excess Lubricating Oil into the Air System (3666142-t008-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure (Not Pumping Continuously) (3666142-t009-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Pump Air (3666142-t010-tr) Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping (3666142-t013-tr) Alternator Not Charging or Insufficient Charging (3666142-t014-tr) Alternator Overcharging (3666142-t025-tr) Coolant in the Lubricating Oil (3666142-t020-tr) Coolant Loss - External (3666142-t021-tr) Coolant Loss - Internal (3666142-t022-tr) Coolant Temperature Above Normal - Gradual Overheat (3666142-t023-tr) Coolant Temperature is Above Normal - Sudden Overheat (3666142-t024-tr) Coolant Temperature is Below Normal (3666142-t027-tr) Crankcase Gases (Blowby) Excessive (3666142-t029-tr) Cranking Fuel Pressure is Low (3666142-t033-tr) Engine Acceleration or Response Poor (3666142-t036-155-tr) Engine Brake Does Not Operate (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t036-011-tr) Engine Brake Does Not Operate (PT) (3666142-t037-155-tr) Engine Brake - Low Retarding Power or Slow to Activate (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t037-011-tr) Engine Brake - Low Retarding Power or Slow to Activate (PT) (3666142-t038-155-tr) Engine Brake - One or More Cylinders Braking with Power Switch Off (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t038-011-tr) Engine Brake - One or More Cylinders Braking with Power Switch Off (PT) (3666142-t041-155-tr) Engine Decelerates Slowly (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t041-011-tr) Engine Decelerates Slowly (PT) (3666142-t043-tr) Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (Exhaust Smoke) (3666142-t044-tr) Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke) (3666142-t047-tr) Engine Noise Excessive (3666142-t048-tr) Engine Noise Excessive - Combustion Knocks (3666142-t049-tr) Engine Noise Excessive - Connecting Rod (3666142-t050-tr) Engine Noise Excessive - Main Bearing (3666142-t051-tr) Engine Noise Excessive - Piston (3666142-t052-tr) Engine Noise Excessive - Turbocharger (3666142-t057-155-tr) Engine Power Output Low (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t057-011-tr) Engine Power Output Low (PT) (3666142-t061-tr) Engine Runs Rough at Idle (3666142-t062-tr) Engine Runs Rough or Misfires (3666142-t064-tr) Engine Shuts Off Unexpectedly or Dies During Deceleration (3666142-t066-tr) Engine Speed Surges at Low or High Idle (3666142-t067-tr) Engine Speed Surges Under Load or in Operating Range (3666142-t072-tr) Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running (3666142-t075-tr) Engine Vibration Excessive (3666142-t077-tr) Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Air Starter) (3666142-t078-tr) Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Electric Starter) (3666142-t081-tr) Engine Will Not Shut Off (3666142-t087-155-tr) Fuel Consumption Excessive (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t087-011-tr) Fuel Consumption Excessive (PT) (3666142-t091-tr) Fuel in Coolant (3666142-t092-tr) Fuel in the Lubricating Oil (3666142-t096-tr) Intake Manifold Air Temperature Above Specification (3666142-t097-tr) Intake Manifold Pressure (Boost) is Below Normal (3666142-t099-155-tr) Low Idle Adjust Switch Does Not Work (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t101-tr) Lubricating Oil in the Fuel (3666142-t102-tr) Lubricating Oil Consumption Excessive (3666142-t103-tr) Lubricating Oil Contaminated (3666142-t104-tr) Lubricating Oil Pressure High (3666142-t105-tr) Lubricating Oil Pressure Low (3666142-t106-tr) Lubricating Oil Sludge in the Crankcase Excessive (3666142-t107-tr) Lubricating Oil Temperature Above Specification (3666142-t108-tr) Lubricating or Transmission Oil in the Coolant (3666142-t109-tr) Operating Fuel Pressure is Low (3666142-t116-155-tr) Smoke, Black - Excessive (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t116-011-tr) Smoke, White - Excessive (CELECT or CELECT Plus) (3666142-t118-011-tr) Smoke, Rear (09-001-026) Cylinder Block (09-001-027) Cylinder Block and Liner Seats (09-001-028) Cylinder Liner (09-001-031) Gear Cover, Thrust (09-001-008) Camshaft (09-001-009) Camshaft Bearing Support (09-001-010) Camshaft Bushings (09-001-013) Camshaft Gear (Camshaft Removed) (09-001-014) Connecting Rod (09-001-016) Crankshaft (09-001-018) Crankshaft Gear, On-Off (09-008-028) Fan Clutch。

Electric (09-008-027) Fan Clutch, Main (09-001-007) Bearings,。

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