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Intake manifold, swirl flaps, actuator out of order, DTC: P1109, P2075 set

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Ac MANIFOLD Intake swirl flaps

Replace(Z 19 DTH)"。


Service Instruction Zafira-B.(Document Number 01101113)66. Connect battery- attach ground clamp tighten nut67. Refill coolant.68. Program volatile memories.69. Close bonnet.Spare-Parts:Part-No.:Catalogue-No.:Inlet manifold5521020158 50 180Gasket, Remove and Install(Z 19 DTH)", counterhold with flat wrench (2) 28. Remove stud bolt from bracket high pressure pump (arrow。

P2075 set Models:Engines:Option: Vectra-C 2004...,group "J"。

Picture VII). 18. Remove engine ventilation line (1, high pressure pump and high pressure line with closingcaps from kit (catalogue number: 45 06 154 /part number: 9201697 ).- Remove fuel feed line (2) high pressure pump- Loosen clamp 14. Detach engine vent hose (2, Picture VIII)- remove engine ventilation hose release quick fitting- remove 2x nut (2)- detach 2x wiring harness (arrows) 19. Only Vectra-C: Release coolant pipe- remove nut- release wiring harness- release 2x coolant hose- remove 2x screw20. Remove oil separator/vacuum reservoir bracket (1, group "J"。

i.e.only pressure sensor fitted at fuel rail). TECH 2 shows DTC:P2075. Cause:Problem might be caused due to stickingswirl flap or due to malfunction from swirl flap actuator. Production:Several modifications introduced since SOP.Latest improvement was a design change at the swirl flaps itself inorder to make the flaps more robust and to prevent them fromsticking. Engine-BP: Z19DTH17228334 (28.02.2007). Remedy:In case of customer complaint perform TECH 2 swirl flap actuator test in order to evaluate the problem.Recommendation:Remove upper beauty cover in order to see the swirl flap linkage mechanism. Switch on ignition (no need to start the engine) take TECH 2 out of the vehicle to the engine bay. Change into swirl flap actuator test and perform test. If linkage does not move at all but the actuator motor itself is working (audible) it might be that: --- either the internal actuator motor mechanism is faulty--- or the pin ball from the actuator lever has come off, DTC: P1109, Service Instruction Vectra-C.(Document Number 00602794)59. Install air filter housingAstra-H:- see working procedure "Air Cleaner Housing, Remove and Install", group "J",group "J",group "J", Replace(Z 19 DTH)"。

Remove and Install", the lever is bent or has just slipped off from the actuator joint. In this case the actuator needs to be replaced.Note: If the modified intake manifold (=swirl flaps) is already installed please replace only the actuator.In any other case it might be that the swirl flap linkage got stuck during the actuator test or does not move completely from one end to another. If this happens the intake manifold needs replacement together with actuator.The procedure for replacement of the intake manifold has been changed and will be published on TIS 2000 as soon as possible. In Advance the new procedure is given below in this document. Working Procedure: Note:It is not necessary to disassemble the toothed belt.Important:When working on the fuel system it is essential to pay attentionto cleanliness as even the smallest dirt particles can lead tofaults in engine operation or in the fuel system. Open fuelconnections must be sealed with appropriate plugs from the OpelParts Catalogue (catalogue number: 45 06 154 /part number: 9201697). Sealing plugs are only intended to be usedonce. 1. Open bonnet. 2. Disconnect battery- detach ground clamp loosen nut 3. Only Zafira-B: Remove bulkhead lock part- see working procedure "Bulkhead Lock Part, high pressure pump9317887958 19 146High pressure pipe9317904658 20 435Gasket EGR valve9318166558 51 374Gasket throttle valve body931790618 25 512Locking compound9054211715 10 181Labour Times:Hours:

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