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Road Volume With Colorado ZR2 Bison

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with Volume ROAD Colorado Biso

"Motor trends test definitely doesn't agree with you. A lot of the testing showed the ZR2 and the Powerwagon outperformed it.

The raptor wasn't as good on washboard, or rocky terrain, or excessive mud.

Sandbox mall crawler. Not sure I've ever seen a dirty one.

There are applications where mid-size trucks are superior by pure dimensions. But hey, you can pay more to get less output. Ford appreciates the donation to forward their corporate rebuild.
Posted by: andrwken | Sep 6, 2018 9:36:34 AM"

Motor Trend is more of a advertising company now but ok. If Ford would have paid more to them would they have held the testing in Baja? Where the ZR2 should have also shined since MT says its equipped with baja-bred suspension right? Or would the other 2 trucks have been so embarrased that it would have been like a Raptor-only review? Never seen one dirty? All the Raptor owners must live in your neighborhood i guess. You for real? Less output?? Thats not the story 0-60 tells, actually its not even a contest!!

Hey i rather people donate their money to Ford with a truck purchase than for my tax money to be donated to them for the rebuild.

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