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on this lump , 1.6 , its common for the oil feed pipe to block up by the turbo ( bit that connects to the turbo) , i always check these pipes on service , cheap oil or lack of it can cause a builld up of carbon which in turn reduces oil flow to the turbo , how ever you say they replaced this second time , so one would assume this can be ruled out ,

in my case when i  fit turbos i always follow 2 crucial steps , 1. i render the engine unstartable by removing a sensor that will have this effect , i then loosen the oil feed to physically determine oil is reaching the turbo , now there is no method as far as i know for ascertaining if the oil quantity delivered is correct , its more rule of thumb and in all cases oil should Pi$s out ( lamens terms) then i tighten this union back up and continue to crank the engine for 20 30 secs .

2 reconnect sensor crank and leave at idle for 10 mins before reving up

now i take it that garage would follow this step and seeing as they have replaced all the other components a blockage in these areas seems impossible ( i do empathise with the garage as im sure they didnt intentionally want this outcome) now you also say the replaced drain pipe back to sump , on the 2 litres there is a gauze that goes in the end of the pipe block end , this may be blocked and maybe they havent checked it ?? im not even sure if the DV6 has one as ive never needed to check.

one other thing is the bolt that connects the oil feed to turbo , is this new ??  this is hollow and if its coked up it could be restricting feed but i would assume this has been checked , i always clean em out

as for PEF  , best way to check is flow rate on suitable diag eqp , pressure in against pressure out

as for checking both sides , its a messy job but if you loosen pipe sump end then you can physically check , not a DIY really

checking feed bolt is easy


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