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Maritime Downloads

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Maritime downloads

Maritime Downloads

The Project Guide offered hereby has been prepared for the Wartsila 20 marine diesel engines; it is intended to provide the marine engineers, crew members and other people involved with the system proposals as well as engine data for the early design phase of installations.

The Guide itself includes following chapters: general data and outputs; operating ranges; technical data tables; description of this engine; piping design, its treatment and correct installation; fuel oil system; lubricating oil system; compressed air system; cooling water system; combustion air system; exhaust gas system; turbocharger and air cooler cleaning; exhaust emissions; automation system; electrical power generation and management; foundation; vibration and noise; power transmission; engine room layout; transport dimensions/weights; dimensional drawings, and several annexes.

Apart from the Project Guide, this set of files also includes manuals and supplementary helping files covering propulsion control systems, controllable pitch propeller solutions, technology reviews for each of the diesel engines, ecology - enviro-engine concept, marine reduction gears, steerable and transverse thruster solutions, etc.

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