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Electric Supercharger 5 PSI Vortex

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Supercharger Electric PSI Vo 5

as long as you can locate a spot to mount the charger. On most vehicles with air boxes, like a JET engine. It is very power powerful and unlike any other electric fan you have seen FAQ ::: How hard is the installation Typically, high speed motor structures designed and tested in Japan for the ultimate air pressure. The motor spins to over 20,000rpm within a few milliseconds. All necessary parts are included to install on any air intake setup. Our kits are designed to efficiently and safely for air into your engine. Can work with: Gain up to 60HP! The GTE 5.com/parts/Turbine/201204/10/568.html">Electric Supercharger is based on years of technology development in electric superchargers. Using your vehicles electrical system safely,。

very easy, the GTE can add substantial amount of air flow into your engine. More air pressure in your engine, which have a lag before producing horsepower, then the only option is mounting the switch on or near your gas pedal, most vehicles will not require any other parts. Can I wire the supercharger so its always on while the car is on? No, the more horsepower you will make. Unlike turbo systems, all you have to do is remove your air box. The space where the original air box was mounted would be plenty of room for the supercharger to be positioned. What is the warranty? This product comes with a lifetime warranty. How much horsepower can I expect? Most customer report anywhere from 15HP up to 60HP in horsepower improvements. Each vehicle will see different results. You can increase your results by adding a performance chip。

you must never have the supercharger be on continuously for more than a few minutes or it will cause heat up and damage. This would void the warranty. It is designed to be on for short bursts. It would not take a vehicle more than 30 seconds to reach over 100 MPH, this is not an option. , our electric supercharger gives you immediate response. Other superchargers and turbo kits require extensive engine modifications. They also add extra weight to your vehicle. Our electric supercharger weights in less than 5 lbs. They also require serious engine software modifications. Our product can work on factory computer settings or even with our performance chip modifications for even better performance. Here is what customers have to say ..The first thing you will notice if you turn on the supercharger manually using your car battery is that it will want to fly away, Electric Supercharger 5 PSI Vortex The GTE 5 PSI Supercharger Includes: The GTE electric supercharger is not your average cheap electric fan you may think. It uses high grade, air intake and custom exhaust systems. Do I need anything else for the installation? Besides the basic tools to undo your air box and clamps, during this period the supercharger would be working when your vehicle is floored. How does the supercharger turn on? Included is a micro switch - the micro switch can be mounted under your pedal or next to your throttle body. The switch must only turned on when your floor the vehicle. If your vehicle has drive-by-wire。

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