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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000 Serial Numbers

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serial 5000 Garcia Ambassadeur

My Collection. View my reel display case. These are in my own particular order according to groups/series of reels and/or model numbers, not production dates.

Abu Garcia R0167 Abu Garcia Cardinal 563 Made in Korea 1987 Good condition. 30.00 Click Here to see more R1184 Abu Garcia Abu Matic model 170 spincast reel.

ambassadeur 5000, schematic woes

Literally this book is the final chapter of the classic Ambassadeur reels written by Simon Shimomura, the Mr. Ambassadeur.

Fred s Classic ABU Reel Information by. Fred Ribb. All information on this page is my interpretation and opinion about the history of the Ambassadeur reel as I.

abu garcia ambassadeur 5000 serial numbers

Here ya go, hope this helps. It appears to be a 72 model if it has a checkered foot and the spool bearings are 3 X 10 X 4 s.

ABU Serial Numbers

Among the many questions people have about ABU reels, the most frequently asked ones would be the meaning of those numbers stamped on the reel foot. This number can usually tell the approximate age of the reel. In most cases, these number are not serialized or unique to each reel except for some limited edition models.  These numbers usually indicate the production code which can mean a different design, manufacturing process or material change. Associated with these numbers will be the year in which this code was implemented. For example, 741120 would be different from 750030. There is no consistency in the way ABU number the reel foot but with a little experience combing servral other factors like design etc.. one can usually tell the approximate age. A useful rule which I learn from a tackle dealer in UK:

4 figure numbers   Found in 5000 De Luxes and 5000C Deluxes spanning early 1960s to 1970s   Smooth foot

5 figure numbers   Sometimes found in mid 50s record ambassadeurs and very early Ambassadeur 5000. Also found in reels made in the late 60s / early 70s especially the 5000C.   Smooth foot

6 figure numbers   Late 1950s to 1960s, numbers running from 1xxxxxx to 9xxxxxx. Found in early Ambassadeur 5000 and 6000 ribbed sideplates    Smooth foot

6 figure numbers   Late 60s / early 70s. Middle two digits indicating year. ie xx08xx - 1968   Smooth foot

1970s    6 figure numbers, first 2 or middle 2 numbers as read ie 71xxxx or xx71xx - 1971   Checkered foot

1980s    Same as 70s but usually first 2 digits ie 82xxxx - 1982    Checkered foot

Late 80s / early 90s   3 pair of numbers separated by -    Checkered foot

Late 90s   6 figures, usually the last digit. i.e. 060006 or 040006 refers to a reel made in 1996   Checkered foot

Bearing Sizes for ABU s

4XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX     Axle Shaft             4x10x4

                                     Worm Gear    3x7x3

Older 1pc Spool Shaft

4XXX, 5XXX                                            3x10x4

alan tani alantani.com fishing reel repair rebuild tutorial

Fishing Reel Repair by Alan Tani

January 07, 2016, :52 PM

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Topic: D.A.M. Futura 620 to 680 Spinning Reels   Read 4490 times

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Hi. It looks like an old 5000B model. 3.8-1 tranny, a couple of hard phenolic drag washers, with a 1st generation snooze alarm.  This drawing should work.  WHATEVER you do, do NOT pull the yoke spring out of that square keeper by the push button.   5119-4056 If you do, you will rue the day, and fight with it for a very long time.  

I d also click on the tutorial by KF23, over in the Abu section..the last sticky one on page one. it s a 6000B, a lot like yours. Ask him how he liked that spring thing.  


January 07, 2016, :53 PM

Topic: Daiwa Schematics   Read 5140 times

Bryan Young

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on: May 30, 2011, :28 PM

VJ 12

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on: May 03, 2011, :12 AM

Duel 12 Speedy

Duel 20 Speedy

Duel Single Speed

Duel Two Speed

Topic: John Baker Reels - Schematics   Read 1657 times

on: May 03, 2011, :16 AM

Does anyone have schemtics for John Baker reels.  If so, please email them to me profile;u 386 so that I can post them.

Thank you.

Last Edit: May 11, 2011, :55 PM by Bryan Young

pdf of the schematic for the 50L HERE

Duel, Alutecnos and my personal favourite Everol, transcend mere fishing reels and take them to another level. The 350 GBP I paid for my VJ12 will be money well spent, when my grandkids are fishing with it in 40 years time

January 07, 2016, :56 PM

Topic: Okuma Andros Schematics   Read 4454 times

on: March 04, 2011, :05 PM

Andros 5-II

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Topic: Okuma Makaira Schematics   Read 4179 times

on: February 07, 2011, :24 PM

Makaira MK-10II

Makaira MK-15II

Makaira MK-20II

Makaira MK-30II

Makaira MK-50II

Makaira MK-80W


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Topic: Schematic Daiwa Seaborg 300 J-L   Read 1463 times

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January 07, 2016, :58 PM

Topic: Another Link to General and recent reel Schematics.   Read 96 times


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This  is a pretty good site I found while feeling frustrated and hope it helps others as it did me.

  The images are crisp and clear, easy to enlarge, and its in pdf form thats easy to use.   Maybe you,ll get lucky.


The reels listed in the contents are;



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That link didn t work for me 

Sid Lehr

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Topic: Reel Schematics   Read 5639 times



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on: January 27, 2012, :32 PM

Found a website with over 7000 schematics. I thought this might help. I see reels on there from the mid 1930 s.


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Uh, Randy.  There s no link.


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Reply 3 on: May 05, 2015, :28 AM

No RU Mer.


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Hi I looked at the schematics I have a Penn 149 is it the same as the 149L or the 149m if not then where may I find schematics on my Penn 149

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If you have a aluminum spool it s an L. If you have a chrome plated bronze spool it is a M. Both schematics are the same except for the spool material.

January 07, 2016, :59 PM

Topic: Vintage Pflueger schematics - 1419 3/4 and Oceanic 2178   Read 3971 times

I m looking for these old Pflueger schematics - I m wondering if they ever existed.. I ve looked at all the links listed in this section some more than once. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Last Edit: September 08, 2015, :00 PM by sdlehr

Well, so far 115 people have viewed this, and no response, so I ll assume there are none anywhere and that they probably never existed in the first place. Thanks for looking.

For anyone interested, I ve located parts lists at Glenn s Reel Repair in Des Moines, IA - they don t have schematics, but a parts list might help if they also have the parts.


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I m sure if someone here had some info they would step up to help you Sid.

I once had a heck of a time locating a schematic for a much newer reel. Finally just tore it open and went for it.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


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