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TURBOMOTOR Welcome to Turbomotor

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Turbo M turbos reconstruidos

Turbo Motor is a company specialising in the remanufacture of turbos. After many years of operating in the automotive sector, we entered the turbo market in 2004. To support what is now our key activity, we have one of the most complete inventories of cores on the market, enabling us to supply the more than 2000 currently-available turbo references to our customers across Europe.

Our company has a site of more than 8,500 m2, with a constructed area of 7,000 m2 distributed between the factory and warehouse.

Turbo Motor also has a 600 m2 office building, housing the Sales Department and Technical Department.

Turbo Motor is strategically located on the industrial estate named "Ciudad del Transporte" (City of Transport), offering ease of access to the main routes going in and out of Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre. This allows us to supply the whole of Europe in 24 hours.

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