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Introduction And How To Study The Bible Like Sherlock 'Olmes

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study Introduction Like Bible

Daily Truthbase is a guide to reading through the Bible in a year, in its original context, helping you make worshipful responses in word (prayer) and deed (application).
The 7 PASSAGES are more study (read sweat) based, helping you incarnate (word becomes flesh) seven passages of Scripture, so you can pass them on to others. The 7 PASSAGES delineate the seven key relationships a believer needs to become a reproductive disciple of Jesus Christ per the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


The first page of this post give you an introduction to the 7 PASSAGES 
The actual study guide to the passages is in the next post.

The second part of this post gives you seven progressive levels of Bible Study from discussion to inductive to exegetical.

The third part of this post helps you become a Sleuth for the Truth, as you learn to Study the Bible like Sherlock 'Olmes (an acrostic for the method). The material describes and illustrates the method using a familiar verse, John 3:16 (you might be surprised at what you're missing). I've been teaching people to do this for over thirty years. Everyone who puts in the effort, some without even a high school diploma, has mastered the method. It will become apparent to you, after you gain a little skill, that many commentary writers and even Bible translators do not know what you will have learned. (If you can unravel the time-warping verb tenses in the previous sentence, you'll do fine.)

You don't to master the method before you dive into the 7 PASSAGES, but you might eventually want to consult the manual when your questions exceed your intuition. If you're going to be studying the Bible for the rest of your life, don't be an amateur. 

Yours* for Loving God with ALL your Mind,

*This means that help is only a comment or email away.
NB (note well) I haven't finished editing this, but wanted to get it posted for those of you who are starting a Bible Study right away. As a result, some of my favorite Sherlock quotes are still bunched together at the bottom.

Seven Key Relationship Passages Study Guide: Introduction © 1990-2013 WF Cobb Truthbase.net

The Motive: Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ need to develop certain relationships in order to mature in their faith.

There are seven key passages of Scripture that provide Divine insight into those relationships.

Truth is an essential building block in our growth as Christians. One New Testament pattern of interacting with the Truth is first:

Learning the Truth (deepening our understanding by first private meditation/study and then public interaction/discussion);

then Living the Truth (determining what we can expect of God and what He expects of us, and then applying it in our daily lives);

and finally, Loving others with the Truth (developing others in their relationship with God by helping them apply Truth to their needs).

The Master Plan: The basic idea is to learn each passage so well that it becomes part of our lives and then we can pass it on to others. It usually takes a couple of weeks to grasp the meaning of the passage and its implications for our lives. So, the idea is to meet twice to discuss each passage: the first week to raise questions and thoughts for further study, and the second time to share conclusions and applications from your study. After the first session, you’ll receive a study guide with some additional resources for the second week. It can take much longer than a couple of weeks to integrate a passage into our values and actions, depending on our desire and how closely our beliefs, values, and actions match those mandated in Scripture, but the sooner you start, the better. At the end of each session, you should be applying the Truth to your life, and able to pass it on to someone else in either helping them get established in their faith, or in assisting their growth, or in ministering to others. Go make reproductive disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20)

The Method: Devote some quality time each week (ten minutes a day or an hour a week, at a minimum) learning all you can about the passage and its implications for your belief system and life. The best way to learn is to ask questions about the verses, and then try to answer them, first on your own, and then with others. Ask: Who? What? When? Were? Why? and How? as you read. To whom is the passage written? What idea was the author trying to get across to his readers? What did he expect them to do with the information? How should they do that? What will happen if they do or don’t? Why did the Holy Spirit include it for us today? How does this work today? And so on.

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