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Finding Mr Right, Where Is He?

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Jennifer sat looking out the window, her heart feeling the pain of one more breakup. She sat down on her new white leather couch after pouring herself a glass of red wine. She reviewed the coffee table in front of her. Everything was in its place. There was one white burning candle and a small note pad and pencil to take notes.

More then anything Jennifer wanted to know what she was doing wrong? Why couldn't she fine a suitable companion? She had hoped for a husband and when that did not happen after 10 years of searching, dating services, online dating, church dating, social club dating and even purchasing a date for her high school class reunion. She read book after book about being the "right" person so that she could "find the right" person. But there had been no lasting results

It was time to give God more then lip service, 10% tides and 2 hours on Sunday morning was not enough. It was time to actually talk to God about her problem.

She had head more then once, that prayer was when you talk to God and meditation was when you listened to God. She wanted to talk to God first and then she would sit with her wine and listen to what God had to say. She had put a towel on the arm of the couch, just in case she decided to take a little nap.

Jennifer was ready to hear what God had to say, but meditation always made her sleepy.

Jennifer believed deep within herself that God did not want her to be a lesbian, and she found no joy in that idea. So she knew God would answer her prayers.

Then that little voice came into her mind "Who are you praying too?" Jennifer was ready for doubt. Her mental answer came so fast, that she surprised herself. "I am praying to the entity that made the moon, the stars and the universe, you can call it what you want"

She sat back, for the first time she felt she had made a serious breakthrough. There was no doubt in her mind that something greater then her self could and would help her with her problem of feeling and being alone.

So here she was, alone and deeply concerned about her future. She wanted children, but it would be too late in another 5 to 7 years. She felt that she had to do something NOW. And prayer was the choice.

Jennifer was a professional woman and had more then enough money for artificial insemination or even to adopt a child. She had reviewed online web sites for information on International adoptions and much to her surprised, it appeared that it would be easy to adopt a child from a third world country. But that was not enough, she wanted a mate, a spouse, a husband, someone to grow old with. And she decided to try prayer?

After reviewing her notes on "how to pray" Jennifer prayed her prayer. She then sat there silently waiting for an answer. Late afternoon turned into early evening and Jennifer still sat there looking out of her living room window, wondering if God had heard her prayers. She laid her head on the arm of the couch and fell asleep.

It was around 12:30 AM when Jennifer woke up. At first she didn't remember why she was laying on her brand new white leather couch, but the reasons came back to her, as did the pain of her most recent breakup.

She looked at the candle and said out loud, "Well God, What's your answer?" The room was totally silent. Jennifer saw the remote control on the floor. She picked it up and turned on the TV.

An old movie was playing. Jennifer was half asleep but awake enough to understand that the movie was about a beautifully young woman who had tried to kill herself and her boyfriend, because he ended their engagement.

The therapist, in the movie, helped the young woman to realize that her boyfriend had ended the engagement because she had put too much pressure on him to be her "everything" He just couldn't live up to the expectation that she had put on him. The movie was about how the attorney and therapist got their client off, with 3 years probation and 6 months counseling, on an attempted murder charge!

For most people, the movie was about the attorney and the court room drama. But for Jennifer it was about WHY the boyfriend ended the relationship.

It was around 7:00 AM when Jennifer awoke again. The alarm clock in the bedroom was playing soft music. She just laid there looking at the ceiling. She started to think about what she wanted to do next. She realized that the late night movie had been a message in disguise.

Jennifer sat up, she felt the urge to brush her teeth and take a shower. After her shower, she made coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. She remembered the question the therapist had asked the young woman on the movie the night before, "If you had a million dollars, what would you do?"

Jennifer decided to find a hobby and perhaps even a job that made her happy. She was doing very well in her present profession, but she wasn't happy. She had to fight the feeling of being alone from within. She had to fill the void in her life with herself. She could not depend on a man or anyone else to make her feel whole.

It was at that moment that she sneaked a peek at how the universe (God) works. She knew there would be times when she would fell lonely, but she also knew she could make her life work for her and if there was no husband by the time she reached a certain age, she could always adopt a child from a third world country.

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