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Late Summer Debut for Last Exorcism

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Summer last debut Late Exorcis

It’s piranha versus an exorcist at the box office!

Taking advantage of a lucrative weekend for horror films, Lionsgate has announced The Last Exorcism will debut in theaters on August 27.

This puts the film up against Alex Aja’s Piranha 3-D, meaning it’ll be a box office battle between the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate. The former has used that weekend in the past for some of their more profitable opening weekends like Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Produced by Eli Roth, Exorcism is directed by Daniel Stamm. Synopsis: After a career spent helping the devout through prayer and trickery, Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) invites a film crew to document his final fraudulent days as an exorcist.  Soon his faith is truly tested when a desperate plea from the father of a possessed girl (Ashley Bell) brings him face to face with the devil himself.

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