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5006S China (Mainland) Engine Parts

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Wuxi Taian Turbocharger Parts Factory is a turbocharger part manufacturer providing turbochargers and turbocharger parts, including shafts, wheels (rotors), turbocharger cores and repair kits, while producing high precision die casting parts as per demands. Our three core technological competences: precision casting, assembly and dynamic balance testing of wheel alignment and turbocharger, meeting the higher and higher turbocharger requirements of our customers.

Firstly, Taian is the supplier of key turbocharger parts: wheels and shafts. We not only boast high precision low casting technology and machines and systems to manufacture the wheels, but also boast investment casting technology to produce shafts. Secondly, we have a well-equipped assembly line. Finally, our advanced dynamic balancing machines - Core dynamic balancing machines, ensure our product quality.

As one of the earliest turbocharger part manufacturers in China, we are the qualified supplier for famous turbocharger manufacturers, such as Shenyang Liming Hangfa Group Turbocharger Factory and Weifang Fuyuan Co., Ltd.

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