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Chris Evans' huge crush on Sandra Bullock and 5 other secrets you didn't know about Captian America

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Captain America actor Chris Evans is busy promoting his upcoming movie Gifted before he heads out to don the white-blue-red costume for Captain America. E! News had a sit down with the actor to discuss lesser known facts about him.

The actor already revealed earlier that he wants to be a father one day. "I have a big family, a lot of little nieces and nephews, and cousins, and a lot of people in my life that I care about. Chris does want to be a daddy at some point," Evans told the entertainment website.

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Here are five key takeaways from the piece, courtesy E! News:

Evans had three celebrity crushes – "Elisabeth Shue from Adventures of Babysitting and Karate Kid, Lori Loughlin was a big one. Sandra Bullock was a big one too, like when I was like in seventh or eighth grade," he said.

Evans can tap dance and would love to star in a musical. "I love Gene Kelly, he was great. Wouldn't it be great to do a [Gene Kelly] biopic or something like that?" he said.

"I am a Disney buff," he said.

Evans favourite subject in school was mathematics and he didn't like English.

Evans is not ready to put down his Captain America shield. "I have been doing this for so long. It's tough to think about not doing it. For almost a decade now there has always been one around the corner. I would be open to it. I love playing that guy," he said.

Evans will play the role of a boat mechanic who single-handedly raise his six-year-old math prodigy niece in the movie Gifted. The film releases on April 12 and Mckenna Grace is playing his niece.

You can watch the trailer here: 

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