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E sex stories free sex stories

was Thursday morning and I started to wake up with a feeling of excitement as I felt a pair of lips moving over the top of my now semi-hard cock, looking down and watching the sheet move with the outline of a head under them. I laid back and thinking, yes a morning blow job from the wife. I always liked them. WAIT! My wife left yesterday! I pull the sheet away and there is my daughter, completely naked, looking up at me, holding my now fully erect member in her hand and pulling her mouth off the top saying; " Good morning daddy!" ( giggles)

I lean up on my elbows,looking back at my young little mink, smiling, and saying; " What are you doing?" She smiles back at me and says; "I always hear you and mom doing it in the mornings, and I thought I would like to see what it's like to wake you up the way she does." I ask her; " Well does this mean your ready to lose your V-card this morning?" ( A statement I heard my daughter's friends say to each other about their virginities.) She thinks for a moment and says; " No, not this morning but tonight I think I will be ready tonight. I wanna make sure it is special and that we don't have to hurry. Is that ok with you? You don't mind, do you?"

I shake my head and say; " No honey I don't mind. I told you when ever your ready." With that she takes her one hand moves over to the center of me, sits on my legs just below the knees. She leans over and takes my cock back into her young little mouth. I watch her head arch up and down and her long light brown hair falling down on each side of my hips. I'm loving the fact that she's not experianced in these matters just putting a little more than just the head in her mouth and taking her tongue and licking the top. Knowing this is probally the first dick she has evered sucked, and that it is her dads as well really excites me, and sends me over the edge.

I look down at her and warn her that I was about to cum. She never pulls away. She grips my shaft and strokes it faster, and starts sucking the top of my member even harder and rolling her tongue over the tip. I just wanted to grab her by the head and push my cock deep down her throat as I was about to cum but I did not want to scare her. I feel my balls tighten up and pulse, as the hot stream of cum flowed through the shaft and into my young daughter's tiny mouth. The first shot hits the back of her mouth, making her jump back releasing my cock as the next spurts hit her in the face, onto my stomach, and all over the sheets.

She looks up at me with her cum covered face and says; " WOW Daddy! You really came! I guess I did a good job." I pull her off of me and say; " Yes honey that was great. I think we need to get you cleaned up. Wait here I'll be right back." She smiles and says; " ok daddy." I go to the bathroom get a wash towle and bring it back to clean her face and hands off of the gobs of cum that had landed on them. I get back up take the washcloth and towle back to the bathroom and come back torwards the bottom of the bed.

Cindy is laying on her back with her hard erect nipples sticking straight up on a just forming set of breast, with her legs spread slightly apart showing me a little hint of a pink spot hidden behind a set of almost bald puffy pussy lips. (Man I just wanted to fuck her now!) I get up on the bed laying on my side beside her. I lean in and our mouths touch and our tongues go into each other's mouth swirling around and I can still taste a little of my cum in her mouth. I move my hand over nipple going around in circles, making them really stand out. Her breathing is getting deeper and faster and her hips are moving up and down a little more as I do this.

I am getting more aroused too and my dick starts coming back to life rubbing the side of her leg as it gets bigger. I move my hand down across her stomach and to the top of her puffy slit. She moans as I touch the top and spreads her legs wide to accept my finger into her moist slit. I take two of my fingers pull her lips apart and stick my middle finger up to the second knuckle, into her soaking vagina. she gasps as my finger enters and starts moving her hips in rythum with my finger. I move down her neck kissing my way down to her nipple, taking it into my mouth, just lighty biting it and swirling my tongue on it.

Her breathing is really hard now and her hips are pushing up into my finger trying to get as much of it into her hot wet tiny hole. I am thinking how tight she is on my finger, that when my cock is in her it is really going to feel great to feel those pussy walls gripping my dick like that. I pull my finger out of her love hole and move my head down kissing her stomach and moving my body until I am between her spread legs.

She looks down at me, biting her fingers on her one hand waiting to see what I was going to do. I kiss the inside of her legs, rub my thumb across her swollen clit, and take my fingers on each hand and pull her pussy lips apart. I can smell her sex, and I get to see her wet labia, her swollen clitorous, and the pink tiny entrance with juices dripping out of it. I take my tongue and lick around her labia and move it up and down across her swollen clitoris and then down to her little love hole. I curl my tongue and fuck her vagina, while at the same time I am taking my thumb and rubbing across her clit. She's got my face wet as streams of her sex juice runs out of her tiny hole.

All of this has an effect on her as she fucks back into my face with her hips, moaning and saying; " Yes daddy, fuck my pussy with your tongue!" I move my thumb quicker over her clit,and she shakes and her hips rise in the air, and her whole body goes ridget as she has an explosive orgasm. She bucks hard and says; " YES DADDY! YES DADDY! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING! OH! EEEENNNNGGGGH! AAWWHH!" Her pussy walls grip hard and pulse on my tongue, as she squirts her love juice right into my waiting hungry mouth. Her cum taste so good. I move from between her legs and up to the side of her, watching her body still shaking and her eyes roll around like she was trying to remember where she was.

I lean over and we kiss letting her taste her own cum and we just laid together for awhile before we got up to get her ready for school and I ready for work. We kiss one more time before she leaves for school. She turns around, smiling, and says; " Love you. Be ready for tonight, you know what I want!" (giggles) I look at her and say; " I love you too can't wait." (Man! I was just hard thinking about it!)

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